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May 29, 2010


Kristi Rimkus

I love the savory flavor of minestrone soup. Good for you for making such healthy changes in your diet!


wow, that looks great! way to go with the diet changes!!! sodas are so hard to break away from. i've been working on cutting my soda intake too. some days are better than others. having sliced lemon and lime has helped me to drink more water and less soda.


I cut my soda "addiction" back when I was 17 or 18. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until I drank an entire case of Pepsi (The Star Wars Collectible Cans) in less then two days. I made the decision right then, I would never drink it again. That actually worked for about three years. Then of course I ended up living with a family of chronic Diet Coke drinkers, and things kind of went downhill. I resolved myself last year and since then I have had one can of diet, and a few sips here and there, but nothing significant, and only because I had no other alternative except to go thirsty. Fortunately I never jumped on the coffee bandwagon...however I did have a serious Mocha Frappucinno addiction going on...kicked that one to the curb as well.

This soup looks very delicious, and minus the potatoes, carrots, and noodles - it would be a good fit. I just haven't worked the higher GI veggies back into my diet yet, and I'm not willing to compromise my diet for a bunch of noodles that don't do anything for me nutritionally.

You definitely could have blood sugar issues during your overnights. I'm not quite sure what you're allowed to keep on hand with you due to allergies of patients and such, but I find hard boiled eggs, cheese, cooked chicken breast cubes, berries, melon, even some nuts and seeds are great ways for me to get over the hump between meals. The protein in them allows your blood sugar to remain regulated between meals so you don't have spikes which your soda's are definitely doing. I used to get so sleepy after eating lunch at work I would seriously just want to lay my head on my desk. After making the changes in my diet, I'm up early in the morning, and I'm not tired until I go to bed - even when I'm bored! It's crazy. When everybody else wants to take a nap during the day, I'm wondering why because I'm full of energy!


Thanks Kristi1 It is one of my favorite soups too--so much flavor and so much that's good for you.

Kimberly--I hear you. I love Coke and Dr. Pepper. I've done well over the last few weeks of cutting back to just one a day if that and usually mostly at work or when we're out but I'd really like to make the break now especially if my theory about the low blood sugar is true. Good luck to youl. We'll cheer each other on!

Colleen--I'm so proud of everything you've done for yourself. That energy thing is one of the things I"m looking for! Also, the anti-inflammatory benefits to my lungs. That's also a huge one. Losing weight would be nice too but the others are the motivators.

It's funny you mentioned potatoes because until this moment I forgot that I didn't have any in the house so I didn't add any. Didn't miss them at all.

Minestrone isn't minestrone to me, though, without a little bit of pasta so I did add the all the ONE HALF cup to the huge batch and it was whole wheat so I like that I can see it while still knowing I'm eating a little bit of chicken and basically vegetables. The combination of all the flavors is wonderful!

I did take snacks with me to work last night and ate one about 9:30pm so I never craved the soda but then I got sent home (low census) so I still haven't tested the overnight thing yet. Tonight will be the first work test. I'm trying really hard to make it so I don't even ever go to the cafeteria.

Melody Elliott Koontz

Holy Cow..that looks so damned healthy! It also looks delish so even better!


thanks! I'm getting ready to make another pot tomorrow--it was soooooo good!

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