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March 01, 2010


Steve Parker, M.D.

It "sounds" delicious, if that's even possible. I've never had the dish before.

Think I'll try it in a restaurant before I make it myself.

Thanks for sharing.



Does this freeze quite well Glenna? Looks lovely! :)


oh that looks fabulous, and I love moussaka, but husband absolutely abhors eggplant and any squash..so I guess I'll only get to eat this out. His loss in my opinion.


Dr. Steve--It is delicious--thanks for commenting!

Catherine--VERY well. I keep this and a lasagna and other similar stuff on hand for my after work day sleep days so we don't cave to fast food.

llcwine--That sucks! It is his loss. I wonder if he would even really taste the squash in this if he didn't know it was there...there are a lot of flavors going on....

Albany Jane

YEAAH Moussaka - I love eggplant - it's such a good dish, I don't really think of it as a 'casserole' type food - just awesome moussaka!


It is wonderful!


Mmmmmmm sounds delicious :o) I should try this...with a few substitutions, should be great!

barcode indonesia

This is like mango float.

ChooBear Meadows

that's almost the way mommy makes it. we used ground beef instead of lamb, but that's more of a cost thing than anything. "the greeks" (You know who i mean) used pretty much the same recipie, though they would have been too proud to admit it! Love it!

Melody Elliott Koontz

I love all things Greek! My sis married a Greek and ChooBear is correct about them using beef...:)


Colleen--I'm so glad Matt and the kids loved it. I think it's wonderful that you adapted it to work for your diet!!!

Matt--Love it about "the Greeks"--I use ground beef most of the time too but what the heck, occasionally you have to splurge!

Melly--And both are correct just like eggplant or squash works. I love that it's easy to modify to what you have on hand.

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