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November 25, 2009



I love buttermilk pie! My Dad makes it and it's sooo good. I haven't tried my hand on that but think I will for Christmas.


Cool! It's definitely one of my favorite pies.



I have one of these pies in the oven right now, but I only used a tsp of vanilla, not a tbsp as called for. When you have a second, will you confirm whether a tablespoon (tbsp) is the correct measure - that seems like an awful lot of vanilla.



Rob-The recipe really does call for one Tablespoon of vanilla but you'll be fine. The extra just gives it a little more vanilla-ness.Enjoy!


Searched online for a recipe that seemed more flavorful than what I had in an old cookbook. This was it. I used 2 tsp. of vanilla and cardamom on top. Delicious.

DC Cron

I was out of vanilla, so I used 1 1/2 Tbsp. of a special Tequila I had gotten in Puerto Vallarta. It was sooooo good! I did the same thing with Paula's recipe because everyone wanted it next weekend and it was equally good. Keep up the good work!


So do i use flour or bisquick. this going to be my first time and want it to be right. its so many ways poeple do it. I was going to try the Paula Deen one.


In this recipe you use flour. The Paula Deen recipe is good but my go-to buttermilk pie recipe is this one. Everyone in my family likes it better than the Paula Deen recipe. Either way, Happy Baking!


Ok Thank You so much for the info, I am going to use this one.wish me luck. I am so happy that you can come and ask ?s and get a responds.


You're welcome, happy pie baking, and Merry Christmas, Stephanie!


Well glenna, not sure if I did it right, My husband said it was good but it came out dark on top. I was unsure of the cooking time. could you please let me know about that. I would like to try it again. I know it should have some browning on top but mine was very dark. I dont have the tool to check the inside temp. please help me my Grandmother loves these pies and i would like to get this one down. she means alot to me and I love to cook for her. so cook on 350 for 45 min. now that i am reading again i see what i did wrong. I was unsure because it was still liquid in the middle so i let it cook more. help me please:-(


I have seen others bake custard-type pies like this one until they're pretty dark and they're fine but, personally, I bake mine until they're just barely browned, about 45 minutes. It will still jiggle some when you take it out but the heat in the pie and the cooling will make the egg set finish setting so don't worry if it's still jiggly in the center. (Next time you're at the grocery, treat yourself to the meat thermometer They're only a few bucks and well worth it!)

Sounds yummy--now I want buttermilk pie!


Ok thank you for the help...


I have not tried the Choo-Choo's buttermilk pie recipe yet, but am about to do so. But you did not specify which flour. All-Purpose or self-rising? Or does it really matter?


Yes, all purpose flour. Happy Baking!


If I opt for lemon juice instead of the rind - how much would you suggest? I'm thinking 2 tsp. What do you think? BTW everything else in this recipe is identical to my Southern Great-Grandmother's recipe!

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