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October 06, 2009



OMG so I get to TRY the sausage?

I think I clapped out loud. SWEET!!


I'm thinking jalapeno popper with that crab meat.


Yey I'm glad you liked it!!!! Hope yoe enjoy everything else that we send to you!!!! oh yea this is Kayla from FishEx.


You know, I don't know about eating crablegs nor reindeer, but the salmon. Oh, my. That's enough to keep me from being a complete vegetarian (and to keep me feeling guilty for years)!


Hey, how are you and my boyfriend Gene doing? :)


Sounds yummy! I'm too chicken to try my hand at cooking seafood. It's rather unnerving to look at the contents of your packaged food and see added ingredients (chemicals) that aren't needed. It's been a goal of mine to stop serving my family pre-packaged foods and use only what's fresh. I'll let you know how that goes!

Glenna from Santa Fe

Just a quick note on Crab claws.

I have found that rather than using a hammer or pliers try scissors (kitchen shears work well). I think this is better than the seafood crab crackers too! This eliminates the "I smacked / hit it to hard" and also you do not have bits of shell when you don't want it or need it. ;)

Deborah Dowd

I have made venison sausage but have not had reindeer sausage. Given that my kids are all older is it bad to think about serving for Christmas morning brunch?


Colleen--You betcha, girlie!

Kenneth--Our order should be in on this Friday. Poppers--YUM!!!!!

Kayla--Thank you!


Cynthia--You're so cute! We're doing great. How are you? Haven't talked to you in much too long.

Kimberly--We have the same goal. It's difficult. There are so many things in our food culture that we take for granted, even the simple things like mayo, salad dressings, etc. It's hard to get away from it all but I'm also trying to get away from as many chemicals as I can. Good luck!

Glenna--Love that we have the same name. There aren't many of us! You know, hope Gene doesn't read this but he suggested the shears and I chose the hammer instead. It will be our little secret until I magically think of it next time! Thanks!

Deborah--LOL! We are soooo alike! I was thinking about serving it at Christmas too and tell the teenagers (all we have left) that they're eating Rudolph. Sick minds think alike!!!!

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