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September 06, 2009



Since the Anasazis lived in Utah, we always used to cook these beans in school when we studied them. With them we had an "Anasazi Feast" and kids could only bring foods that the Anasazis actually ate!


Kalyn--That is soooooo cool! What else did you guys serve with them?


Mmm. I've never heard of these kind of beans, but now I'm so wanting to go find some.

There's a trick to getting the gas out of beans, although I can't think of it right now.


You going to fix some for Halloween? They look so good.


Hi Glenna,
Anasazi beans look similar to the ones my Sth African friend told me about, unfortunately they are no longer available here, so i had to make the soup without them ( she did mention about the gases too lol)I'm looking forward to making this with the ham!


What is the little red item tucked in with the banana peppers?


It's a tiny red pepper out of my garden I added just because it needed to be used!

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