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April 28, 2009



That is out of sight Glenna! Absolutely first class gal you are! Can't wait to see it? In the mean time could I come for a bite or two of that casserole!


Auntie Miranda told me about it last night, I tried to find you on facebook after your last comment, but I guess you were off blogging, lol. That is totally awesome!!!! Do we get to see the video when it's done?


I'm SOOO doing that casserole recipe. We love cashew chicken.. but I.. umm.. I mean SOMEBODY tends to forget to start prep in time. I'm much better with making a casserole in the morning.


That's so awesome, Glenna! I was on vacation for a week and I had no idea what you were up to! Congratulations!


I am SO happy for you Glenna! It sounds like you had a wonderful time while doing an excellent job of things.


How exciting! What a great opportunity! It's great that you got to do all this and you look and sound like you had a great time. The recipe looks great too.


That cashew chicken looks tasty! Congrats on all of the media attention!


Tanna--Girl, you know you're always welcome in my kitchen! I'd love to make CC casserole for you!

Colleen--You bet! I'll be sending the link around and posting it here too.

Whimsy--Yeah, I hear ya. I drive Gene crazy with figuring out in the a.m. what we're eating for dinner but you have to be organized or a lot of stuff is hard to do if you don't have the ingredients on hand or defrosted or whatever.

Tara--I know!~ That'll "learn ya" to go on vacation, huh? Thanks!

Kimberly--Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun once I got past the jitters.

Linds--Thank you so much!

Kevin--Thanks! It was my 15 minutes but it was a fun 15 minutes.

Treehouse Chef

Wow! That is awesome. Great photos and fun to read. The cashew chicken looks delicious!!


Thank you!


Girl, I don't even know you in real life, but I am proud of you! The world needs to KNOW about Springfield style cashew chicken:) Your kitchen and entire house looked great too!
I grew up new Springfield,MO and just thought that's what ALL cashew chicken was like. I was sorely disappointed one night as a sophomore in college when I ordered cashew chicken at a restaurant w/ a group of friends!!! Seriously...I think I lived a very sheltered life in rural Southern MO:)
Good job! Now, I'm going to take a longer look around here at your blog:)


oh, one more thing...now I lie in Pennsylvania! Way too far from Springfield, MO. So, when I want this dish, I have to make it myself.

Jollibee web site

The food looks cool.Can't wait to taste it!Suddenly i make hungry.



Nikki--totally appreciate your thoughts! Sorry you're so far away--I'd mail you some if I could!

Ava--Thank you so much!


Loved the video Glenna. You really know how to work that camera, baby. The recipe looks delish. You are one talented woman!


Thanks Cathy, I really appreciate it!!!


Oh my God! That's look perfect! Even my colleague next to me got the attention of the images especially the food on top! I'll share this to my mother and I really want to taste it! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Have a nice day!


Thanks, Jasmine!


Picture perfect,very beautiful,professional design!
first recipe-great recipe!Thanks

Olivia Rowland

Do you know who any of the other people in the interview were? I am doing a research project about Chinese-American foods and their influences on culture and some other things. I would like to make contact, or at least be able to cite, the other people on the video. Thanks!

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