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January 22, 2009



That was lovely and looks so good. You have good friends looking after you.


Awwwwww that's so sweet. Did you share any? Looks delicious...I think I might buy a cake this afternoon, haha.


I'm so sorry for your loss Glenna. My Great Grandmother passed away 9 years ago and it still hurts like hell. She was an incredible woman and set the moon and stars in the sky for me. I pray that the pain of your loss lessens soon. You're in my prayers.


The world's a better place with friends who understand "F*** flowers, you need cheesecake!"
Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Those pieces of our hearts are so important. Take care.

Glenna Muse

Thanks Courtney. I agree.

Colleen--I did! We had it NYE and then my sister's kids got some too. I was down to one last thick slice and I froze it to split with Gene later on.

Kimberly--Thank you. Man, you nailed it! Sorry you know that from your own experience.

Tanna--Thanks. Yup. I agree. Our friends pull us through.

Albany Jane

It's wonderful friends that keep the world a-moving. You're in my thoughts Glenna, and it puts a smile on my face to hear of such great friends.


I wish you well Glenna, you are a wonderful friend, that is why they all love you! Cheesecakes are way better than flowers.

Glenna Muse

Thanks Jane! I agree!

Alisa--Thank you! It sure is!


I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.
Cheesecake is a lovely thought, though I am not sure it would last as long as some flowers. :-)


I like the way you think too Glenna, I'd take cheesecake over flowers any day, especially one that has chocolate and caramel. Losing someone special is never easy nor completely healed, but thank god for friends and wonderful memories.

Deborah Dowd

That's why they call it comfort food! My thoughts are with you Glenna, but even more important, your Grandmother will always be with you. What great friends you have!


I so agree! Nothing makes me feel loved more than a good cheesecake.

Jollibee Philippine

Wow cheesecake,i love it so much!I want to melt it in my mouth!



Jenny--Thanks, yes but we enjoyed it more, LOL!


Deborah--Absolutely! Comfort food.

Stacey--cheesecake is just one of those warm and fuzzy foods, I think.

Ava--LOL! Me too!

Gift Philippines

You are lucky to have a friend like her.I like the cheese cake that she gave to you.Wishing that some of my friends give me some cheesecake too.lol



Ashley--I agree!

gift philippines

Hey, this post is refreshing. having a sweet friend like her is one of the best gift for me. the cheesecake looks so yummy. keep it up!


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