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January 14, 2009



Fabulous meal! We roasting veggies tonight. Hopefully there will be leftovers for a pizza tomorrow night.

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it sounds yummy, i will try it.


I was just thinking about making blinis to go with a smoked trout spread. These look much easier than the recipe I was going to use so I think I'll give them a whirl!


Tanna--Very cool! Were there leftovers????

Thanks to the second commenter! I appreciate you.

Mary--Let me know what you think. This recipe had no yeast in it so it was heavier but I liked it. Sort of like there's a place for two different kinds of blini in life.

Deborah Dowd

This looks like a great meal-I have had blini but haven't tried to make them, but now maybe I will give them a try!


Wonderful meal. I love the flavor of lemon, so the scallopini sounds wonderful. Roasted vegtables are always a fave. I have yet to make blinie, but I know I will soon after reading this.


What a great idea - roasting veggies in bulk! As soon as I have a refrigerator bigger than a thimble...
Love the Lemon Chicken

Glenna Muse

Deborah--this recipe doesn't have yeast but we really liked it.

Courtney--Thanks! It really did work out well. Not too much food but just enough to feel celebratory!

Katie--It's really working out well. I'm going to do it more often. It saves so much time to do them all at once.

Ava Timothy

Gosh, the veggies look great! Blini is my specialty (I am Russian). The little blini with buttermilk are called OLADYEE.
Thank you


Thanks for the head's up, Ava!

Jollibee Philippine

Hey,love your recipe here.I think my kids will love this.I will cook this tonight.


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