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January 05, 2009



Your cake is beautiful! I love when cakes are decorated with ribbon. And someday soon, I'll try that MM fondant!


Who knew a banana cake could really be . . .
BANANA CAKE! That is really beautiful!

Auntie M

You'll have to make her send you a sample to truly appreciate how it pleases your palate even more than your eye - as beautiful as it is, it tasted even better!


I agree with auntie M, Glenna need to send every one a sample. It was a very good cake. I took three big pieces home.


MmmmMMmmmmm sounds good :o)

Auntie M you get all the good stuff, lol.

Glenna Muse

Megan--go for it! It's really yummy. I don't like regular fondant and I like MM fondant. It's softer and has more flavor.

Tanna--Thank you!

Auntie--LOL! That's very sweet. Thank you.

Kenneth--I remember that! An I ate the last of it. That's a huge compliment from you. Let's face it. We burned out on cake when mom was baking all the time. It's not as much of a treat when you get leftovers all the time so I really appreciate your compliment!

Colleen--Hmmmmm...seems to me there's gonna be a whole lotta birthdays at your house in May...and I have shipped before to my friend Sherry...


And thats why I didn't get any of it. It sure was purtty tho.

Glenna Muse

Ha! You had your chance!

Anne @ Pink Galoshes

What a pretty looking cake, and the recipe sounds delicious too. I can't wait to try this out.

Glenna Muse

Thanks Ann!


I love how you put the extra pictures in to see how you do it. I love banana cake too, I haven't been able to recreate my grandma though.


Hey Glenna,

That cake looks amazing and I love your cake pans. Makes things a little more interesting. I love banana but my other half can't stand them. I'm not sure I can justify making a whole banana cake for myself! ;)

I hope you had a good christmas and new year. I'm feeling a lot better and getting back on track with the blog. Hope 2009 brings you good luck, health and happiness.

Linds x


You really took Banana acake up a level or two. Its one of my favorite cakes too.

Deborah Dowd

This cake makes me wish I wasn't on a diet! What a lucky family you have!!

Glenna Muse

Thanks Dana. I try to because sometimes especially baking is something I've been doing since I was a kid so I take it for granted but not everyone bakes a lot.

Linds--Thanks!!! I hear you. I have that problem too with other things--that's what dinner parties were made for, right? Take care!

Courtney--Yay! Another banana cake lover (and thanks).

Deborah--Oh I hear you. I won't be making one again soon!!!!


Thanks so much for this recipe, I've branched out making some cakes for friends recently and I made this for a friend with the addition of chocolate chips.

I knew I could trust your recipe and you didnt let me down!

Amy Nguyen

Hi! This recipe looks delicious! I am thinking of trying this recipe and covering it in fondant. Is this cake fluffy or dense?


Amy, so sorry to be late answering. It holds up beautifully for fondant--the cake in the pic is covered in fondant and then dusted with powdered sugar.

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