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December 01, 2008



I'm so glad you liked the yarn! I know you'll turn it in to adorable little creations like the ones below! I think you're making me blush a little! ;)


That is so cool. She always struck me as being very nice, and obviously it's true!


How really neat. What a great gift!
You're doing such fun things for the kids and families!


I love these! I am a member of a knitting group who also does hats for babies at our local hospital. I can't wait to show the pics of these to our ladies and see what they come up with! We did Christmas themed hats for our December babies, but nothing this elaborate. And I, too, am always blown away by the generosity of people who donate yarn and time to projects like this.


How very sweet of Dianne! A great cause to donate in for sure. I love the tree hats and the elve's hats. I cant even imagine a
1 1/2 lb baby. Bless you for the work you do!


Those hats are just adorable! I know the parents of these kiddo's are thankful for the generous gift of warmth, cuteness and your time for making such cute hats.


Dianne--oh I LOVE it! Can't wait to use it as soon as I get through the doc santa hats. Thank you so much!

Kalyn--Yes! Very nice!

Tanna--Thank you. I almost feel guilty that I get so much joy and goodness out of it. It's supposed to be for the babies but they really have been a catalyst for so much sharing and good will it's benefitting all of us, I think.

Mimi--That's wonderful! I had no idea!! We should form some kind of online group.

Megan--it's so much fun! I love the look on the parents faces because it's all about "this is my cute baby" not "this is my cute SICK baby". You know?

Kimberly--aaaahhhh, that means a lot to me coming from you after having had Violet go through the NICU. Thank you.

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