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August 04, 2008



Glenna, this is a really interesting post. Lots of food for thought, though forgive the pun!


OK, throw in tofu (and meat substitutes, if you must) and you've got other vegetarian options for protein.

The problem with your meat options in the Atkins thing is that you tend to 1) run low on potassium, and 2) run way high on sodium. So, Atkins = Risk of Stroke. Plain deal.

Dietitians and physicians will recommend that you not do Atkins unsupervised, and that you obtain your protein from non-meat sources. What this means is that they want you to have a blood draw every two weeks or so, to make sure you're not going to stroke out.


I just emailed you before reading your post, that I'm going to eat all kinds of yummy carbs this week before I get my test results. LOL

If anyone is going to try the low carb diets the best one is the South Beach diet started by a heart doctor, his patients were losing so much weight everyone was asking him for the diet. Similar to Atkins I guess. But my diabetes nurse said if you have diabetes you can't do the super low carb phase 1 of the diet but can do the phase 2. Interesting huh?

I do think its odd too, that the study participants only lost 6-10 lbs. I've been checking out the weight loss surgeries and you have to go to a little seminar talk with whichever place or doc you choose. Well they go over all the diets and they say it really gets down to calories in and calories out. Of course after you get the surgery, depending on which one, you only eat 1 tsp to 1/4 of food per meal! No wonder you can lose weight, but they have to take all kinds of supplements because you don't get enough nutrients from that little of food. Even if you don't want to do the surgery those seminars are very interesting. To see the obesity epidemic seemed to start when they introduced the high fructose corn sweetner. Our bodies can't process it that well. Like coke and pepsi used to use regular sugar and other foods like ketchup and even some yogurts. Maybe we should start a campaign of writing to the food companies we like to change back to using regular sugars.

Have a Happy Day!

Deborah Dowd

I think you have hit the nail on the head- people who are looking for a "magic bullet" to lose weight are destined for yoyo dieting. I think you have to experiment and find what works best for you. For me, controlling the amount and type of carbohydrates is key minus nine pounds and counting.



David--But still, even with soy which may not be as good for us as we once thought it was (caused my pulmonary emboli, for example) but still. Even if you say "low-fat" protein it seems to go against the whole Atkins mindset/marketing.

Dana--Yeah, I know several people who surgery and even if they liked their results all of them have said that after a few months it was just as hard as before so only the people who truly changed their lifestyle are keeping the weight off.

Deborah--I agree. No magic bullet. Sigh.

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