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July 27, 2008


Susan from Food Blogga

This is such a beautiful way to honor a beautiful friend. Thank you, Glenna.


Sorry Glenna, was I supposed to let you know I did my own post for her today as well?
Your choices look wonderful and I hope you get that haunting you deserve (no chicken, no chicken, No Chicken!)
Hugs and Kisses,


I remember both these posts from Sher very well. That's one way I know how much she impacted me; every recipe post I've seen so far, I vividly remember when she posted it on her blog. What a bittersweet day this will be, seeing all these tributes to her. I hope she would be pleased to know how many people have good thoughts about her. I will update my post now so it points people here to the list of links.

Butta Buns

That's a lovely pairing of her recipes, they're making my stomach growl. I agree with Kalyn this will indeed be bittersweet but I think Sher would be very proud.


This is a very bittersweet walk down memory lane. Sher would/must be proud/tickled that she made such an impact on so many.


thanks Glenna for providing all the links it indeed is a bittersweet walk on the memory lane but like Kalyn I remember most of the recipes posted so far and I remember to have talked about a few with her smiling and laughing of course ;) that's just how she was...

an I am sure she is there above us seeing our efforts and smiling!

Baking Soda

Thank you Glenna for taking the time out of your grief and schedule to write another beautiful post to remember Sher by. I hope this and seeing all love floating around the blogosphere will also comfort you.


You put so much emotion into two wonderful meals. What wonderful memories of Sher will live on as others discover and cook her favorite dishes.


Thank you for doing this Glenna. I'm enjoying finding all these different blogs and I'm especially enjoying Sher's writings and recipes.


Beautiful again Glenna. Great choices too. I'll be looking at meatballs when I get home.


Beautiful again Glenna. Great choices too. I'll be looking at meatballs when I get home.

Sue (coffeepot)

Beautiful post Glenna.

Here is my URL


Hi Glenna

These dishes have done Sher proud.

I have posted about Sher's Empire Biscuits in her honour:



Glenna, thank you so much for doing this. I just read through all of the tributes and although I tried to leave a comment on each one, I had to stop for too many tears in my eyes. This makes me realize that I want to start paying tribute to every person that I've bookmarked a recipe from, ya know?


Glenna, thank you for honoring Sherry in this way. She would have loved it! Gumbo was our special meal when Sherry's family gathered in our house. She would start planning the preparation days in advance and search for just the right shrimp. Thank you for being such a good friend to her.


A great choice of dishes! Really yummy! What a wonderful roundup!

Here's my tribute:





Here is a link to the post on The Sour Dough: http://breadchick.com/?p=467

I also have an email started to you with links that folks sent me. I think several are already up on your page but just in case.



I made one of her pasta dishes for us last night. I kept it between us, my personal choice. I looked into her dessert files and noticed that most of them were DB challenges so I will dedicate my challenge post to her instead. One I did while thinking that she would actually enjoyed bathing in all that chocolate ganache :)

Karen H

Really enjoy your blog and don't post -- sorry! Altho today I had to add my condolences about your friend Sherry.
I lost my BFF of 35 years 2 years ago to a sudden heart attack as well.
I have moved to Houston from New Orleans after Katrina due to work demands and went back 2 years ago for a scrapbooking weekend convention to see her and other old friends. I came back to Houston on Sunday evening and less than 24 hrs later, she passed away. I am still dealing with some guilt along with the loss. I still want to call her on the phone and tell her this or that, so I know what you are going through.
If you want to talk, I would be happy to listen!

Karen H

Deborah Dowd

I had not come across Sherry's blog in my travels, but from your heartfelt posts, I can see what a wonderful person she was and what an impact she had. What a wonderful way to honor her. My sincerest condolences to you and Sher's real and extended family!


Thank you so very much for all of your comments. You have touched my heart and those of Sher's family and friends.

Thanks for commenting too, Bob. That means a lot to me.


This was a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. Here is my own tribute to Sher:

We Are Never Full

what a wonderful tribute. i never knew sher or visited her blog often, but since her death, i feel the loss. She seemed like a wonderful person who touched many. and a damned good cook to boot!


Oh my goodness, I'm just finding out about all this. What a shock it is. Sher was so supportive of me when I started my own blog. And I loved all of her photos (of food, cats, and squirrels!) so much, and of course the recipes -- so many of hers are in my del.ico.us catalog. I want to make something from her blog, too; that's such a great idea.

I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope you're finding comfort.


Again, thank you all so much for the love and support and your memories of Sher. It's wonderful to know how many people she touched.

Melanie D

Wow. This is the best post i've read so far today. I love the Mac and cheese and the tomatoes of course. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll definitely make a mac and cheese according to your recipe when i'm finished with my tomato poke: http://www.foodista.com/2008/07/28/garden-fresh-tomato-poke-tomato-week-part-1/

Check it out, you might also like it.


this is a most amazing homage, glenna. i sincerely hope you're able to find comfort during your time of grief.


I was on vacation and has computer issues on the day of the original tribute - but here is my link:


Thanks for organizing this.

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