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June 27, 2008



Sure like that pink Queen for a day crown in there.
But I really like the curly candles and the pottery!
Happy 2nd birthday blog!!!
A blog is an adventure we didn't really plan or count on or predict . . . but it seems to be an interesting journey.


Happy Blog Birthday! The blog looks great! You're inspiring me to clean up mine too. Looking forward to all your future posts.


Tanna--Thanks for noticing the crown--that made me laugh out loud. I stole it from my niece's bday party decorations.

It IS an adventure!

Sher--Thanks so much!

It is weird how "cleaning" made me more motivated. Hmmm...just like in real life at my house...banish that thought!


The new look is great, Glenna! I read you on Google Reader so I didn't even notice! It's much more cheerful than the gray, though. Congrats on the anniversary! I love your blog and look forward to many more posts!



My wife made the cashew chicken recipe, and it is my favorite! I have been cutting back on the fat since I got into my 40's, so baking the chicken in the oven works great. I have to say Glenna that I really enjoy your blog. When things get really stressful in the office, I stop in at your blog for a few minutes of pleasant distraction. Thanks!


YEAH! Love what you've done to the place.

Hmm, what I'd like to see? You shouldn't have asked.....how about Glenna's best margarita? Or maybe a Mojito with the mint plant overtaking my yard- hey you need some??!


Tara--Hey thanks for checking out the new "wallpaper"--appreciate it!

Jeff--Thanks so much! You made my day. I had to laugh. I thought "funny when things get stressful at my 'office' I go blog on the other blog" Hee hee. Glad you like the chicken recipe. I'm craving it. Need to make it or go see Wing Yee at Fire/Ice!

Rachel--Hehehehe. Okay, now you have me on a mission! If my brother reads this he'll definitely want to 'help' me make the best Long island tea!

Thank you thank you for the offer of mint but I have to confess: it's the one herb I'm not really fond of. But thank you so much for the offer!


Happy Second Blog Birthday! :o)


Happy B-birthday to you! I'm looking forward to my 3rd next year :)


Happy blog birthday! Here's to another year! :)

Sally B.

LOVE the new blog look! Speaking of local restaurants, ever try Harlow's? 637 South Kimbrough - OMG - best Fried Mushrooms EVER.


Hi Glenna, Happy Birthday!"Discovered" your Blog via another. Lovely Blog and lovely recipes. Am taken up by your Cupcake, would you mind showing more of your icing plus instructions? would like to decorate cakes for my 3 grandsons! tks for sharing and all the best, Mrs Singh from Malaysia


Thanks Astrid!

Wow!--Congrats Jeff!

Amen, Dianne!

Sally--Yes! I used to go there all the time in the 80's and early 90's...but haven't been in a while.

Reen--Thanks you so much! More cake instructions on the way!

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