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May 12, 2008



Sweet!!! Glad you like it - I made a banana smoothie this morning and it's fantastic. LOVE the local plugs in the picture!!! Have a terrific Monday!


Thanks, Addie! Hey, I'm thinking the peanut butter WITH the banana would rock! Sort of an "Elvis Smoothie". Whatcha think?


Since I love natural (and unatural) peanut butter--that looks marvelous to me!


Very neat drink - and thanks for pointing out the obscenity of most peanut butter!


That does seem like close to genius. Love peanut butter.


Sher--LOL! It is good without being too sweet. That's what I loved about it!

David--No kidding. Gross, eh?

Tanna--Me too! One of my favorite flavors although I'm think almond butter or cashew butter would be good too!

Family Nutritionist

And sugar. Remember Jif and Peter Pan and "Store Brand" peanut butters have added sugars, too.


FN--GREAT point! It's sickening how much sugar goes into those brands.


Wow its a good thing I read this one. It caught my eye because my doc wants me to lose weight and drink smoothies in the morning. Since I have diabetes I eat a tsp of peanut butter before I eat my cereal. Need some protein to counteract the carbs. But oh my gosh, I didn't know my Skippy was made with Crisco! Its funny too because my hubby just bought some healthy kind of peanut butter and I was complaining away about it. I'm going to try this yummy sounding recipe it is close to 1 choice for me which counts as 15 grams of carbs, I can only have 3 choices per meal, and 2 choices/snack. I could probably add a banana and it would be fine it would get me to the 3 choices for breakfast. Thanks for the recipe!


Wow, that looks like an amazing way to start the day. Please consider entering this recipe in Peanut Butter Exhibition #2 Breakfast hosted by The Peanut Butter Boy and Foodaphilia. Submission Details: To enter your recipe, please submit the following information to pbe@peanutbutterboy.com with "PBE #2" as the subject:

Blog URL
Title of Recipe
Recipe or Recipe Permalink URL

Judging Criteria: Peanut Butter Weight, Well-Balanced Factor, Get-Outta-Bed Motivation and Preparation Time


Dana--hang in there and dump your Skippy. :-)

E--Thank you for the heads up!


Hi, Just curious, where did you get your info about how much shortening is in peanut butter? I read somewhere that for a product to be called peanut butter, that it has to be 90% peanuts.-al


Alan--It is 90% peanuts but when you read the ingredients there are also hydrogenated oils and stabilizers in many top brands, as opposed to just peanuts and salt as most people believe. I was being facetious with the "Crisco" name but still, there are transfats. With my husband's heart condition, I'm really try to keep an eye on all of that. 10% doesn't sound like much but I remember being shocked when I found out that many peanut butters are mixed with any hydrogenated oils, or anything other than salt at all. The FDA reference on that is http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/FCF164.html

renae du jour

I agree with you about the Skippy's/ Jiff's of the peanut butter world. I used to love eating them right out of the jar until I learned that they've got high-fructose corn syrup in them. Now we go the all-peanut way and my tastes have adjusted. At some of our local grocery stores they even have nut grinders and a variety of nuts to grind our own nut butters. It's awesome.


Sounds great! Is that plain yogurt?


Renae--I'm the same way. My tastes have adjusted so that PP tastes nasty to me too! Love that you get fresh ground nut butters. That's awesome!

Amanda--yes, it sure is.

cindy bishop

Addie, I am doing the sb again. I felt great on it but I do not like using SPlenda. I think it is as bad for you as the crisco on a spoon. I am in phase one and this recipe sounded great till I get to the splenda part. I will try it with stevia, but are there any other sweetners that others have tried that works in the recipe besides Splenda?
Thanks for your suggestions.


Honestly, I don't use Splenda at all. I don't like artificial sweeteners and I don't think they're good for you either. But. I use it in my recipes sometimes because I know a lot of people do. I prefer to use honey in almost everything. it's natural and if you buy local like I do it can support the immune system. But I've had some friends/readers balk about the extra calories. So...how do you feel about honey?

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