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March 14, 2008



I'm going to be buying my corned beef today! I don't make it too often either, but I agree, it's delicious. Love the green bread! Hope you had a great time in Vegas.


I got my corn beef yesterday. I had almost the same experience with the lady in line behind me and the checker about the corn beef! What is it? People seem obvious to the world and what's going on!
Great bread!


Kalyn and Tanna--Happy Roasting!


What a great recipe, I will try this for sure.
Where is your cabbage? corned beef and cabbage goes together like bread and butter.

I love Reubens so much I made this squidoo lens: http://www.squidoo.com/reubensandwich
If you have a favorite recipe, email me and I will put it on the page.


I have to admit that when I saw the picture, my immediate reaction was, "Why does Glenna have a green sponge on the plate?" :):) Then it registered that it was bread! Beautiful, and very Irish!


Shannon--My cabbage is in the potatoes along with the spinach! It's hiding.

Sher--Green sponge--hey, I like that!

Deborah Dowd

Everybody's Irish of St. Patrick's Day. Like you I love corned beef though I know it is a bit atty, and my avorite is th corned beef hash dinner we have the next day! Love your green bread.... you got me thinking.

Auntie M

You fixed COLCANNON and didn't invite me over? Excuse me, it's MY Shanty-town Irish Grandmother (grandpa's description, not mine) that gives you the the excuse be fixin' corned beef and cabbage, colleen. Sigh....I have cabbage, I have potatoes, I have kale....I'll be cooking my own tomorrow. Don't feel guilty....unless you must.


Deborah--Oh yeah, corned beef hash! My favorite. But we ate it as leftover sandwiches this year instead. Sigh.

Auntie--I know! We're so sorry. Hee hee. We're Irish? I thought we were all Swedish Norwegian.

I don't feel one bit guilty but I am tempted to crash your house for dinner! :-)


Your bread is spectacular - I wish it could be done with natural ingredients but food dye is the next best thing!

I will be posting late on st pat's day but can give you some interesting info in advance - my mum has told me that the catholic church has declared the celebrations for st pat's day should be on 14 March this year because of the clash with holy week so you have celebrated on the right day!


Johanna--Thanks! Hey, great trivia.

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