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March 11, 2008



I didn't know that about you and mom. That looks good!


Oh how I wish I had some cherries right now! Looks great!

Deborah Dowd

Berry cobbler is comfort food to the nth power, and I absolutely love cherries!


Mmm, love the picture of the whole dish, I wouldn't be able to wait for ice cream!
You know Coffee-Mate has a cherry cobbler creamer out now....

michelle @ TNS

you can't go wrong, you just can't. i wish i had a great big bowl of this and some vanilla ice cream right now!


I have a personal favorite~berry crumble. It's made with blueberries and blackberries but I've been short-cutting my way with streusel topping. This recipe and photos made me take out my rolling pin! And sure I am heading to the store tomorrow for a gallong of french vanilla ice cream. Thanks for wreaking my diet, hehehe.


Oh, I love cobbler, and that looks sooo good. Beautiful picture too!


Mmm gotta love cobblers! I can't wait till berries are in season so I can make some fresh ones!


Oh wow, that's a gorgeous cobbler!


Kenneth--You didn't? I always made dessert and a lot fo the time for the last couple of years I made dinner too. I also always made the rest of you guys breakfast every morning.Do you remember that?

Brilynn--Hope they'll be as good this year as they were last year. I'd love to put more in the freezer.

Deborah--Totally agree!

Rachel--No way! Coffee mate? That's wild, huh?

Michelle--I have cobbler left if you'll bring the ice cream...

Lalaine--You're welcome! hehehehehe

Sher--Thanks, Sher! I love it too so there's only one crust. More berries, less crust.

Jes--Yes! And peaches. Can't wait for the peaches to come in.


Dang that looks and sounds like my grandmother's cobblers!
Cobblers should be simple and just a little sweet.

Madam Chow

That looks so good, I'm drooling. I LOVE berries. I have some frozen cherries in the freezer right now - I just have to make room in my busy baking schedule to make this! And I agree with your mom about letting the fruit be the star.


No. I do remember you getting us up for school.


That cobbler looks amazing!


Tanna--Yep, that's the beauty. Just like our mothers nad grandmother's made.

Madam Chow--Perfect! I used cherries from the freezer too.

Kenneth--I remember mom got on to me one time for fixing way too much for breakfast for you guys and told me to just make cereal!


Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, it is just like Mom's! There is something so wholesome and heart-warming about a cobbler. I'll be posting on an apricot and cherry cobbler soon and will link to this one for sure.

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