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February 24, 2008


Brave Sir Robin

I love the Luxor!!!!! Have loads of fun!!!!

baking soda

My memory of Vegas: after travelling a part of the US in a way too small not-worth-the-name-of-RV, we promised ourselves the luxury of a nice hotelroom in Vegas. One out of many.. all booked.
Found ourselves on a parking lot/campground bathing in neon, next to the railway, under the landing airplanes strip. Not what we imagined our Vegas nights to be. Have fun and enjoy!


How fun. You don't even want to ask how many years it's been since I've been to Vegas. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize it any more.


Robin--I do too. I'm a bit of an Egyptophile so I love the ambiance and the room decor. So cool!

Karen--Noooooooo! That's a funny story though.

Kalyn--I hardly recognize it, it's become so big. We first came here in the mid-80's and it's just exploded since then in both size and price. Hell, we remember when the Excalibur was the biggest hotel in the world and now it's hardly average here.

But, there are still things here I love that you can't get anywhere else. While Gene plays poker, I'll be going to two different modern art exhibits I wouldn't have access to in Springfield, going to the Bodies exhibit, and trying to make up my mind which couple of celebrity restaurants to go to just for fun. Everybody has a restaurant here now: Puck, of course, but also Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Emerile, Bradley Ogden, Joel Robuchon, and Thomas Keller. mmmm...whom to choose....


Well, I'm so glad that you're off having a great time--but I'm also sooooooo jealous that you're seeing Bette. Make sure you go to the Star Trek restaurant and see if that Clingon dude that hit on you the last time is still there. :)

Happy Anniversary you two!


I forgot! If you see Sonny Steele, tell him I'm still waiting for him to call me!


Can't wait to see Bette! We also tried for Spamalot but of course their sold out. Oh well.

Sonny Steele--yeah, like I'll even be thinking of you if I see him! Hee hee!


wow thats amazing!!!!

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!

hope you enjoy yourselves :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Thanks, Lacey! So far so good.Will update later...


I hope/know that you will have a lot of fun. I would love to see Bette Midler sing "The Rose."


Thanks! I can't wait either!

Deborah Dowd

WHat a blast, and I totally love Bette Midler! What a great way to celebrate. I'll bet (ha ha) you'll make memories that will last longer than your Vegas winnings!


Deborah--I bet you're right!

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