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February 12, 2008



The ice is so pretty, but I hate driving to work in it! I can't believe how fast it came down yesterday. This is nuts.


yes i agree "freaky weather" i dont know if it was sticking but i seen it snowing earlier today!! yuck!!! my doors were frozen shut had a time getting in them last night and this morning...cant wait to go out there when i leave work to see how long it takes me to "break in" :)

hurry up spring time :)

have a good evening!!!!! :)


Addie-I agree! It's beautiful as long as I'm snugly at home looking at it.

Lacey--No kidding! I was so thankful the other morning when I realzied how bad it was going to be leaving work and that the night before I'd managed to get a spot in the parking garage and on an inside wall. Whew!


Oh, my heart goes out to you! That looks fierce. The winters can be brutal in the Midwest. I was able to handle them when I was growing up there. But, I'm a total wimp now!


Our first ice storm in Dallas, put a huge tree in our driveway where I usually parked my car! And the kids got there one of only two snowmen that year.
Know what you mean about the lights coming back on. It's a spook if you're awake but then you know.


Tag - you're it. I think you guys got the worst of this go-around again. We had ice too, but not near as much as you guys. I began to watch the trees start to bend again, and wondered at what point I should start to collect the batteries and flashlights. But the sunlight through the branches against the blue backdrop of sky today was a spectacular sight, and now all the ice is gone again. . .till the weekend! Yeehaw.


Yep. I'm sick of them. Our power went off again today.


Sher--I'm not sure I'd like the high winds you guys get though either!

Tanna--Hey cool! A tree in the driveway. Okay, not really fun but a great story, like a badge of honor from the storm!

Lynn--I know. I loved the way the sun turned all the ice to diamonds in the morning. It's also beautiful to see the trees in the parking lot at work under the streetlights and with the fog. Beautiful! As long as the lights are on I can handle it...

Emiline--Hopefully that was our one big one for this year and we can now calmly go on to spring...

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