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February 18, 2008



Yours looks wonderful! Do you have any left? We ate quite a bit of ours--dangerous bread indeed!


This looks fantastic! Isn't it amazing how this blob of wet dough can turn in to something so good! Great job!


What a great bread this is, it took me a long time to get going but now I will go on doing it for a long time!


Glenna, I love the bread with the light golden crust. I completely appreciate the cake baker in the family story. My mom always thinks I'm over baking my artesian loaves. Glad you found the tiles at Lowes! Cheap and wonderful way to make a great baking environment.


Oooh, that bread looks good!! I've never tried to make bread before...partly because I'm impatient. :)

RYC: Feel free to use the smoothie recipe! I'm sure you could make it even better. :) I'm just trying to find recipes that aren't just meat and cheese since my doc said I need more protein.

baking soda

Love the belly button, I think those give a personal touch to the bread! Can't stand you found those tiles so easily..been looking everywhere here.
Amazing ovenspring!


Very nice!


Glenna I'm so glad to have you as a Babe with us! Every bread group needs a cake master!
I've got you beat on the tiles though, my small ones were only 30 cents each! Six of them pretty much cover a rack. Lots cheaper than the $30 for the pizza stone.
It took me three tries to get my belly button hole. Yours is great. And wonderful crumb. I so happy we've found this bread.


Whow, love your pictures , Glenna.
And your complete baking-a-royal-crown-lesson.....
I like the white look of your bread (my dark did taste a little burned) so: Hooray for Mom.

Gretchen Noelle

Beautiful bread! I understand not liking things too dark, I may have the same problem. It looks lighter than others, but more appealing to me. :)


Sher--We do have a bit but only because we've been running back and forth to see Gene's sister in the hospital but, let me tell ya, I toasted a slice this morning for breakfast and it was divine with real butter and Ina Garten's blood orange marmalade--yum!

Lien--Yes! I really had no idea how "the blob" was going to turn into a nice loaf, but it did.

Ilva--Me too!

Mary--thank you! I still want to see how it looks/tastes with the darker crust but no matter the crust color it's a keeper of a recipe, huh?

Addie--I hear you. I'm impatient too! Thanks about the smoothie. I'll try that soon.

Baking Soda--I wasn't sure what to get but the guy at Lowe's said "This is what other people who are doing that use." Funny, huh?

Jenny--thank you!

Tanna--LOL! You win! Your deal was better than mine. That's hilarious!

Monique--thanks! Well, to be honest, I figure it would be more of a portrait of a failure, haha. I really didn't expect "the goo" to turn into such good bread.

Gretchen--Thanks! I still like the look of the dark breads but I'm not complaining. We're having lots of fun eating this.


I know what you mean about a really dark crust. I always underbake cookies on purpose. I've been searching for the KA European flour. Even Whole Foods doesn't have it here!


That looks sooo gorgeous...I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to bake it.
I'm even sorrier I don't get a chance to eat it!

Auntie Miranda

Do I spy a beautiful new RED Kitchen Aid??? (Bread looks wonderful!)


Lynn--I do too! I like them chewy. I also tend to almost underbake cakes because I love it to be very moist, so moist it leaves a fudgy film on the cake plate.

Katie--The eating part was the most fun! LOL! Try it some time. You'll like the recipe!

Auntie Miranda--You do!! Thanks for noticing. Mine bit the dust so Gene let me order the new Artisan which came with the free pasta set. I'm very excited!


Looks lovely. I have to get myself some tiles for the oven.

Madam Chow

Your bread looks fantastic - I love the holes! And I totally understand about letting things get "dark" - I recently made my first challah, and I wanted to pull it out while it was a light golden color, but resisted the temptation!


Sara--Thanks so much and yes, go get the tiles. They're cheap and they make great bread! I tried them the other night and it's sooooo cool!

Madam Chow--Thank you! I appreciate that. Yes, I totally relate and challah is on my list too!


i love making bread and this looks divine....


Thanks Patti!


Looks great! Question: Why the potato is listed in the Pre-Ferment and then not added?


Your tortano looks great! I was also worried about baking it too dark.

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