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August 28, 2007



great tip. i have one concern re: this method.

while researching microwave safety, we learnt that plastic bags, cling wrap, etc. should not touch the food.

a m/w safe container with a lid may work better from the food safety standpoint.


Thanks, Glenna, you are a sweetheart to post this.
Just a question about the whole plastic thing in the microwave; what do other people think about this? I am a little wary of some of these reports, as it seems as if every minute we are warned about something or other (weren't cell phones supposed to cause sterility a while ago???)


Bee--Thank you for giving us information. I personally have heard all plastics are terrible for us so we're pretty much screwed, but yes, a plastic bowl with a lid would work too as long as you don't put the lid down tight. You want the steam but not to create a mini explosion. :-)

Tom--You're so welcome. I'm the same way. I've heard all that too and I figure at this point I'm already screwed. And yeah, I remember the cell phone one too!


I like this tip, Glenna, thanks. Will definitely try it.


Cynthia--you're welcome. It really is a great way to "bake" potatoes especially in the summer when heating up the oven for an hour or more is bad deal.


Hi, Glenna, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and I love it! I've never felt compelled to comment until now, though. We tried this baked potato thing last night and you are my new hero! They were terrific! They tasted great and you would never know they hadn't been baked in the oven. In Phoenix in the summer, I do everything I can to not turn on the oven! Thanks! Tara


Tara--Thanks so much for telling me about you liked the "recipe" and the nice compliment. You made my day!

michael jones

Ohh, that looks so tasty! I am sure that it will be perfect for my picky eater diet! Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I will try it!


Thanks, Michael!

Helga Wegener

have not tried this method but will. It will be a great help to get dinner ready F. A. S. T.



Thanks for the recipe Glenna, will give it a try tonight!

Melody Elliott Koontz

Good to know!!


It's making my mouth water just looking at that. I love Jacket Potato's!

Julie McGold

This was such a wonderful post! Thanks so much. I have a meal plan service and will use this idea for quick lunches. I'll link back to your site of course.


Thanks, Julie!


Quick question: Prior to cooking, do you still pierce the potato with a fork or is it not necessary due to the steamed water in the bag?


Jean--in my experience it doesn't matter. I've poked and not poked with a fork and they've always come out the same and have never done anything funky during cooking either way.


How long would you cook 2 or 3 potatoes together, or would you need to do them one at a time?


Wrapping in a wet paper towel might work better


Sonya, I'd start at about 12-15 minutes and then just squeeze to see when they're soft enough.

Laurie--that's a great idea too!


This was delicious, moist and quick, the best thanks Mary Q

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