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August 29, 2007



I love the way you decorated it! Hope your knees are feeling better!


Your tart looks lovely and I adore the decoration! I'm thinking of making this recipe again too but with a few changes in the mousse layer and the crust.


You had the same problem as I did with the mousse! But yours still turned out A LOT prettier than mine!


Still a very pretty tart! I admire you for taking the time out in completing the challenge eventhough you weren't well. Truly, you are a daring baker :)

Butta Buns

Wowee! I like the decoration too, it looks just like it should: decadent. Hope your knees get some rest, it's been a busy blog week for you too, with the breakfast post (which I can't do due to a 60 hour work week :-( .


I like how you decorated the tart, very lovely!


My mousse turned out exactly the same as yours! Not quite sure what I did wrong there. For the caramel, I have good luck getting it to come off of parchment paper...I'm always a little icked out by the idea of putting hot things on waxed paper as I have it in the back of my mind that the wax is melting into the food. I love how you decorated!


Oh boy! It looks beautiful!!!! My knees hurt yesterday after standing on my tile floor for so long making this. I gave the whole tart, minues one slice, to nancy to take home to her family. I liked the tart and didn't need it around to tempt me!!! I found that making the caramel was frustrating, but it turned out great. I remember Julia Child saying you should'nt stir this kind ever--just swirl the pan. So, that's what I did. But, I hated making it.

Patricia Scarpin

Glenna, thank you for participating in this challenge, even with your knee problems.
It looks wonderful and I'm sure it tasted delicious, too!

Amanda @ Little Foodies

I love the piped chocolate mousse! Your caramel is so much lighter than mine. I think I may have really overdone cooking the sugar. Great! Hope you have more luck with the other pain relief.


Looks lovely! One piece was more than enough for me.


you manged with the little hurdle fantastically. Glenna, it looks lovely the decoration is awesome!


Wow... I love how everyone's tart looks so very visually different this month. And I think you did a splendid job reworking your decorations!


I've tried doing that caramel over the bowl thing and failed in the past. Your caramel layer looks so good!


Hope your knees are feeling better.
This is one beautiful tart! Love the decorations that did work out :) Your caramel layer looks firmer than some and totally delicious.


The mini chocolate chips on top are very cute, a good idea for decorating! I thought about the sugar over the bowl thing too, but didn't do it. Probably a good thing as I wasn't having much luck getting the sugar to work in the first place. Good for you for persevering.


you're more of a woman than i am! when i see recipes with this many parts, steps, ingredients... i'll admit i pass them by. i guess i'm not a "daring baker". my mom is though. she'll take on involved projects like this for fun. i wish i'd inherited a little more of that. i am getting into baking bread now so maybe someday :)


It looks so pretty the way you have it decorated...and your cake decorating experience comes through in the little rosettes of mousse. :-) I would be very happy with a slice and a nice cup of tea!


I like the exposed sides and how you can see the beautiful strata! Your caramel decorations look like they would have been pretty. My guess is that they melted the wax to make them stick, but it might work if you have access to parchment paper or a silpat.


I had to strain my caramel too, and it was fine. Lovely work!


You did great despite all the little issues along the way! For sugar bowls and such: slightly oil the paper or bowl (I use paper napkins dipped in oil), the cage or other decorations will slide right out.


Your tart looks great. Good luck with the knees getting better. Pity you didnt enjoy eating the tart though but well done on your effort!


Every challenge is learning experience for me too. That's why I love being a DB. I had to bake my caramel longer too. I didn't know that eggs set at 140. Thanks for that tip.


Hi Mary,
I love that your tart is so 'thick'. Looks like Pierre Hermé's tarts (check the coffee one - same shape as yours)!

Love xxx
- fanny


Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments and well wishes about my knee. Amazingly, I got up this morning after a good night's sleep and my knee hardly hurts at all which is so weird. Last night at work I thought I was going to puke it hurt so bad but today it only aches. I've never been so happy to say the words: "ONLY aches"!


Lovely decoration Glenna! Shame you didn't like it that much, but it looks great nonetheless. Glad I'm not the only one who 'forgot' to put cinnamon in the crust.


A lovely job with your tart. Sorry it wasn't up your alley.


Lovely work Glenna! So glad you persisted, despite the pain, and we get to see the results of such perseverance!

Jen the bread freak

For all the troubles you had with the recipe, your tart looks great! The mousse recipe for this challenge was not a traditional mousse and it's always a bit tricky when folding a melted chocolate into a chilled whipped cream. Your decorations are wonderful :D


I like the way your tart is set up....looks cool.


I was beginning to feel lonely about not being a big chocolate fan :)


Sorry to hear about the sugar but the mousse border looks great! Your tart looks scrumptious!


Your overall tart and mousse decoration looks fabulous. I used a silpat for my caramel decorations without any issues--I didn't make a bowl either. You are dedicated baker sore knees and all. Wendy


Thanks so much for all of your kind remarks! And yes, Cynthia, you are not alone. I don't hate chocolate but it's never my first choice on the dessert cart. Makes me feel un-girly or something. :-)


You what? in the trash!! No way Glenna! Caramel is caramel, pretty, ugly it just tastes good!
The tart looks terrific even with specks in the mousse. I baked my tart about 8 minutes longer but it's really helpful to know the 140° rule.
I do hope you get some relief for the knees.


Tanna--Actually, good to know I wasn't the only one who baked it longer. The eggs just scared me a little, you know? Although I guess that makes no sense when you consider that I also love to eat over easy eggs...


looks so so so yummy!!


Thanks, Nags.


Great step by step photos! Your tart turned out lovely!! Hope your knees feel better soon.


Thank you, bread chick!

Isabel Manrara Diaz

I make alot of chocolate mousse and you must let the chocolate cool before you add to the whipped cream. I am sure it was delicious anyhow.

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