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July 10, 2007



Glenna, I'm really a big fan of the brown sugar so I know I'd do that.
This is just a great fun post! Food seems to always connect us doesn't it, right down to the TV.


Wooohooo! Now that you've made it, I can't wait to make the Glenna's Version of Peggy Hill's Apple Brown Betty. :o) Three cheers for peer pressure and Google. ha!


My personal favorite is "Wookiee Cookies - A Star Wars Cookbook" although only in title because I can't say I've bought and/or made anything from it.

OOOH! But maybe that's a good project for me and my 11 year old nephew this weekend during his visit! Barnes & Noble here I come!

I'll have to remember also to print this Apple Brown Betty Recipe, we do a Fall Corn Maze (cornmaze.com)/Apple Orchard Trip each fall and I'll need something to do with all of those delicious apples we pick!


I really wish I could hit print and all of the recipes in your blog would spit out of my printer into a cookbook!


I had to go back and look at your Frito Pie recipe - Frito Pie totally reminds me of growing up. It was a baseball game staple, and a family favorite when we were camping!!

Auntie Miranda

Betty looks wonderful. If you haven't tried it, the Splenda Brown Sugar BLEND is a must-try. You use half as much as the recipe calls for because it's half Splenda. I can't tell the difference. It's got me eating Oatmeal again.

Auntie Miranda

I love Peggy. I can hear her voice as she talks about her Brown Betty--and Frito Pie! It looks beauitful, but you better be careful, Peggy gets very upset if she suspects other people bake a better BB than her!


You might think of throwing some cayenne pepper in there, to give it a bit of a kick, too. It's strange ... but it works in apple crumbles, so I don't see why it wouldn't with this. And ground cloves, and some whole fennel seeds, just to add a random ... "interesting" bite. ;)

Recipes shouldn't be slavishly followed. They should be a shopping list and some idea of cooking vessel. :)

Patricia Scarpin

Glenna, this is delicious! Give me anything baked with apples and I'll have seconds and thirds. :)


It looks quite tasty...as long as I don't have to watch king of the hill while I make it...I'll be fine. :)


So that's what Brown Betty is. I confess, I never did know before. Sounds tasty, and I do like the idea of the lemon zest in here a lot.


Tanna--I agree. I'll do that next time!

Kyleen--and I owe it all to you. :-)

Kathe--That's very sweet. Thank you so much.

Deborah--Yes, it's one of those memory things. I only make it MAYBE once a year but I sure enjoy it when I do.

Auntie--I thought about that too. For the first time, though, I wanted to try to follow the directions. Mostly. :-)

Sher--LOL! Yes! And what was the spaghetti she thought was sooooo "hers", regular spaghetti except she called it something with her name in it...

DM--I agree about recipes. That's part of the joke. I can't follow a recipe to save my life because I always play around with the ingredients or directions. But this one time I wanted to follow the directions exactly. I almost made it.

Patricia--Me too and this did taste pretty fresh and didn't seem overwhelmed by the bread. There were more apples.

Peabody--Oh noooooo! LOL! I love King of the Hill. It's like watching my neighborhood.

Kalyn--I know! Me neither. It was fun just for the novelty.

Susan from Food Blogga

Thanks for the sweet apple treat, Glenna! I'm with Kalyn on this one--I had never even heard of a Brown Betty. My mother-in-law makes a similar dish, but she calls it apple bread pudding. Whatever it's called, it's delicious! How can you not love apples and nutmeg? I know what you mean about The Soprano's too. I actually posted on pineapple ricotta pie around Easter time and referenced Carmela's ricotta pie. That episode was a hoot, wasn't it?


Susan--Yes! Loved that episode. Really showed how touch Carmela can be. I'd never heard of the Brown Betty either until KofH but it was pretty good.


Glenna, first time visitor (thanks to WHB) and I've heard of brown betty(s) for years and now I'm ready to make it now that apples are coming in season. Also this is a "guy-friendly" dessert, hard to screw up!


Peter--LOL! I like that! It is a guy-friendly dessert. My husband, Gene loved it.


Hmm...all this sugary stuff revs up my appetite!!! apples are a great fruit and ideal for desserts! but I'd ask people not to recommend use of Splenda though, at least without some research. Pls visit this article for some more info.



On the show, Peggy mentions that her recipe adds orange juice.


peggie hill uses a cup of orange juice not water.


Peggy didn't use nutmeg, that was Minh's improvement/addition to spite her.

Alice Corbini

Here's an old fashioned Brown Betty recipe dating back to 1916.



Peggy Hill uses margarine, not butter. In fact in the Thanksgiving special where they are stranded in the airport she makes a point of it.


You're right but I have to eat it :-) and we don't eat transfast because of my husbands heart disease.

Hey, thanks to everyone who commented! It was a fun recipe to try!


Haha, to the guy who said the nutmeg was Mihn's improvement, that is her improvement to everything it seems. I love Apple Brown Betty, and KOTH, so I searched for Peggy's recipe. My mom makes it totally different. She says she slices Granny Smith apples and sprinkles them with cinnamon and sugar, then makes a crumble for the top out of soft butter, and brown sugar. Then sprinkles that freely over the top and bakes it. I don't care though how unhealthy that is, it tastes great! :D


Yum! Your version sounds wonderful!!!


Peggy Hill's Apple Brown Betty didn't include nutmeg! It was their neighbour Minh who tried to copy the recipe and added nutmeg to make it taste better!


Thanks to everyone for commenting!

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