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July 11, 2007



I'm thinking this salad would taste great! Be careful with your knee and don't overdo it! (I know, you're laughing, but try.)

Anonymous Therapist

At the hospital where I work there's a small fast food restaurant. If that wasn't bad enough, the hospital cafeteria tends to focus heavily on salted meat and not so much on vegetables or...you know...nutrition.


That is the perfect salad to pack for lunch!! I am lucky enough to get to go home for lunch each day, but I am constantly struggling to find things to put in my husband's lunch. You can only have so many sandwiches....I'll have to make this for him as a nice surprise!!

Muse in the Kitchen

I've got a respite from packing lunches (summer holidays for the kids!), but I'm bookmarking your noodle salad dish. Both my teens despise sandwiches AND they hate their school cafeteria food - recipes like noodle salad are pure gems for me.



Do try to take it easy on the new knees - I know...easier said than done.

Thanks for sharing a great looking lunch with Presto Pasta Nights. Check back for the roundup on Friday.


That's a really fantastic looking lunch/dinner. The kind of thing you could probably make co-workers really feel bad sitting next to with their cafeteria food.


Love your 'lunch box' and the lunch inside looks pretty good, too!

The last U.S. hospital I was in had a McDonald's.... IN the hospital!


I had eyed that same sesame noodle salad, on "What did you eat". Tell me how it turns out!


I've been looking at purchasing several bento boxes for the upcoming school year for the kids lunches... this just proves my point. It's easier to serve them a good HEALTHY lunch when you have something cute to put it in. :-)

I saw the same noodle salad on Sher's blog and it did look delicious! Glad you came up with one too .. next it must be my turn, huh? I'm almost looking forward to being home from vacation so I can cook again.


Glenna, I love looking in your lunchbox everything looks so good and healthy.
Glad you are doing better.


Hey, how about that! Glad you liked the sesame noodles. They are great. Now--if they would let you have more time to eat a lunch on the job. I think you go days without a break at all! Love that lunchbox!


Kalyn--thanks! Last night was much better than the night before. Yay! I might survive after all.

Anonymous Therapist--I can relate. I will say mine poaches fish a couple of times a week and they actually do a good job with it but overall it's heavy on the heavy entrees and overcooked vegetables. There's no excuse for that in a hospital.

Deborah--I agree. You have to have a variety and "real" food or you burn out.

Muse--thank you! I don't blame them for getting bored. I'm not a big sandwich eater either.

Ruth--Thanks for having me!

Tanna--ha! Funny you said that because several of us sat together and I liked what Ihad much better than anything from the cafeteria.

Katie--Isn't that nuts? My gym also went to fast food for their deli. At first I was like "Ya gotta be kiddin' me" until I found out it's Subway. That makes sense actually.

Rachel --The salad is great. I'll be making it again. Hey, next time I might even follow Sher's directions. :-)

Alisha--very cool about the lunch boxes. I do think it makes a difference. It really keeps me limited for my diet but I still have plenty of food and it's so attractive to look at. Eye appeal. It is important.

Julie--thank you!

Sher--LOL! From your lips to God's ears. Some days get a little out of hand.


That's a very healthy lunch box. Hope you had a good first day back at work.


Thanks Cynthia. I did . It's still a bit rough but I love being back at work.

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box

Ooh, sesame noodles! I love those -- great warm weather dish, too. Good for you for making this in less than fifteen minutes! Speed bentos are my thing too.

Auntie Miranda

Looks great. Same parsley? Mine's still good, too. How long have we had it now?


Biggie--Totally agree. Perfect for summer.

Miranda--yep! Still going strong. it's been about 3 weeks, hasn't it?


MMmmmm. I want the noodles. I don't have anything on that list at home, but I bet I can fake something. Yum.


Kate--LOL! See? That's the beauty of it. It doesn't have to be exact!


New viewer! love the lunch box idea..too great way to keep it cool on hot summer days..and information and insights!


Kristeen--Thanks so much!

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