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July 02, 2007



Now, that is a fabulous plan Glenna and excellent support system built right in. A little extra motivation won't hurt. And even if there can only be one winner, everybody will still be a winner.


Great plan, good time frame, nice reward, best of luck!

Since living in France we have completely gotten into the habit of cooking and eating fresh foods.... It's too far to drive to get take-out LOL

I won't tell you what we eat on our visits to the U.S....


Good for you! You off to a great start! Looks delicious. :):)


I'd recommend getting a cherry pitter from Crate and Barrel or somewhere. Well worth it, although I often find the pits go a bit astray!

Good luck with the healthy eating, and well done for looking after yourself.


That's generally how I try to eat, Glenna. Except I have a hell of a time getting all those servings of veggies/fruits in.

I did buy cherries this weekend, though. I'll do them the lazy way -- eaten raw, pits spit into the backyard.


Mmm, I love fresh cherries. When you win all that $$ you can go to the Cheddar Block again! lol.


Tanna--Well it's not like I'm not constantly "on a diet" but Ashley's little contest is inspiring me to look at a specific goal, you know?

Katie--I totally hear you. We lived in a small town called Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for a couple of years and one of the best things about it was that there was so much local produce easily available and no fast food joints (at that time). We hate healthier than we ever have because the good stuff was in our face and the bad stuff wasn't.

Sher--Thanks! One day at a time. Right?

Jenny--I'm sort of hoping someone who reads this will either get me one for my birthday (how lazy is that?) or that I'll remember it next time I'm in a kitchen gadget store. :-)

Kate--I like your pitting method. we did that too but just couldn't eat them fast enough and I didn't want to lose such good cherries.

That's how we used to eat too but it's amazing how going to school, clinicals, and working on the weekends, even if it is in the hospital, sort of mentally allows you to eat crap and not exercise. You'd think it would be the opposite but you're just so tired all the time.

Rachel--I like the way you think!! Yes!

Deborah Dowd

What a great idea! I little incentive to keep everyone on the straight and narrow! I am going to try and convince my coworkers to consider this!


Deborah--It's only been a few days but it's working for me. It just makes me more aware of what I'm eating or not eating enough of (fruits/veggies) and more aware/motivated about going to the gym. Good luck at work!

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