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June 25, 2007



Cardamom French Toast - Now that is creative...the smell must have been lovely....thanks so much for your entry!


Now that has got to be a winner just reading it. Cardamom is a spice I've only recently started playing with. I've found if I don't get too much, it really does beautiful things to the sweetness levels without the sugar.
I have no problem with folks who know what they like.


I love cardamom, so that must taste wonderful!


Can't say I've ever tried cardamom french toast, sounds good!


I've done cinnamon-less French Toast with nutmeg (my father shared Gene's distaste for the popular sweet-savory spice), but I've never tried cardamom. Next time!


I haven't made French Toast for years, I sometimes think we only make it for children. It is appreciated much more by grown-ups!


Trupti--You nailed that--the smell was out of this world. The house smelled like cookies for hours.

Tanna--totally agree-cardamom is one of those subtle spices I love for just that reason.

Sher--Yes! It was soooooo wonderful!

Rachel--Give it a try when you get a chance. You won't be sorry.

Dolores--Yes! Next time! Thanks.

Margaret--I agree. I wish I thought of it more. Without the syrup it's not that much different calorie-wise than toast and scrambled eggs. It doesn't have to mind-blowing sweet to be good.

Auntie Miranda

I did a Cardomom search on the internet one time. I was looking for a Cardomom Bread recipe - which I never made because I'm too lazy to make a yeast bread. (But I understand it's to-die for). But there were LOTS of recipes where they used cardomom in things like rice pudding, bread pudding, and quick fruit breads - like banana or strawberry bread. I think in Scandinavian countries it must be used like we USUALLY use cinnamon. All sounded wonderful to me. I just mixed a little in with Cool-Whip to put on top of something and I was happy. It's a happy flavor!


Brilliant substitution! That looks like great French toast!


Auntie--Hey, we did the same search! I found it in a lot of Scandinavian things too, and middle eastern. It had something to do with the spice trade routes. Weird, huh? All the stuff you name sure sounded wonderful to me too. Yum. Let's get started.

Elle--Thanks! It was to die for. Everyone needs to make it.


Mmm, this one is one to try soon!

My other half isn't a fan of cinnamon, bless his heart. But he makes what he calls french toast with no cinnamon and he doesn't use syrup on it. He just dips the bread in the egg, lets it soak very well, fries it, and scatters a little salt over it. I've told him that isn't french toast, it's egg-dipped fried bread! He insists it's french toast. ;)


Heavenly! Thanks!

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