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June 20, 2007



You're one heck of a food artist and I admire you alot.


Thank you, Cynthia. I appreciate it.


Maybe we should all submit picture of cakes WE'VE made just to boost your confidence, because trust me, most cakes that I make end up looking like crap. In fact, once I made a cake for a party and ruined the icing. So, I forced my husband to admit he iced the cake so they wouldn't think I was such a screw up. I thought the "melted candle wax" was lovely, and I can totally see where you're going with it!


Looks like everything's coming together nicely now. Sorry about your cake disasters ... but sometimes we just have one of those weeks. I bet it'll look absolutely gorgeous when it's done, though. And no one (except us) will be the wiser.

Deborah Dowd

I honestly don't think you will go to hell for cussing (besides, it sounds as if you have already done your penance!) I am sure the final product will be far better than I could ever hope for! Just looking at your fondant utensils was embarrasing for me!


Rachel--that's sweet and funny . Hey, they can't be worse than the cakes I've screwed up that I've shown you guys! Remember the toaster oven pineapple upside down cake? ha!

Alisha-- Thanks. You're right. No one coming to the party tonight will know what hell I went through to get it to the point it is now.

Deborah--Thanks! Seriously I cuss a lot.

Susan P

Must be a Webster County thang, cause those are my favorite words to cuss with, except to keep it in the Ed Prewitt venacular (my dad) add GD in front of it.


LOL! I probably did and don't remember that!

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