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June 21, 2007



First off: Don't defame squirrels everywhere by comparing Paris' naughty bits to them! My squirrels don't want to be associated with the likes of her!!

The pictures are marvelous. I loved seeing them. Maybe you should put a little sign on the veggies flowers next time that says, "Please eat me!" They are adorable! And the "bread" is perfect. It's quite a compliment that people thought it was real! You put on a wonderful party and I wish I had been there.

Auntie Miranda

Sorry I couldn't be there. It LOOKS wonderful. I agree with Sher on the sign. Something that looks like it belongs in Farmer Brown's garden. Besides the fact that they look much to beautiful to eat, it could be the fact that when you take a skewer, you're locked into everything on it. When it's a "horizontal" tray, you can pick just the stuff you like. When I first saw the picture, I thought you hadn't used the utensils ON THE CAKE. Then I realized those WERE the untensils NEXT to the cake - at first look I thought they were REAL ones. Way good.


Wow, looks like an awesome spread! I agree with Sher on the sign too ... I bet people just thought they were for decoration and didn't want to it them. I'm going to be stealing that idea for my next stamp camp, though. :-)

I can't wait to hear/see about the cake -- I'm almost on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive and I have nothing to do with it! LOL


Sher--Yeah, no kidding. Squirrels are way better than that white trash spoiled brat rich kid! Thanks so much for the compliments. I do love the way the pics came out. For a cheap camera the colors are so vivid and the detail is very good. Thanks!

Auntie Miranda--You were missed! Now that you say that, it does make sense. About a half dozen of the skewers are gone but they were the smaller fill in ones that only had a tomato and a radish or a tomato and a carrot. Nobody said anything but after I thought about it the ones nobody ate were the ones that would have been our favorite, the ones with both a purple cauliflower and a sun-dried tomato stuffed olive. mmmm...the olives have been good!

Alisha--Steal away! There are so many ways to do that concept. I used to use a basket but I loved the idea of the little silver bucket. More rustic to go with the calico table cloth. Also, just so you know, in the bottom is a dried loaf of French bread to poke the skewers into. Thanks!

Mark Vane

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Okay guess which idea I'm stealing! (As much as I want on that Cake of the Month list, and I'm sure shipping from Springfield to St. Louis is lots cheaper! Heck, I could arrange a pickup!)


Alanna, vegetable queen :-), I think I have a clue! You know STL isn't that far and I do go there occasionally...


I love the veggie skewers! You know I'm not much of a cake girl, but those I would definitely make. I might even make them for myself to take for lunches. Bet that would start a conversation in the faculty room (where I keep reminding people that "what Kalyn is having for lunch" is not really that interesting of a topic for conversation.


But it is a great conversation! Either that or I'm in the same boat. Okay, so I haven't been to work in over 2 months because of my knee but when I had been taking my lunch in that new bento lunchbox that I love, people were always fascinated. It hink lunch is one of those things that we all think we should eat healthy, like the veggie skewers, but it's just so easy to go grab a burger or crap instead. I like the skewers too because it makes me feel like I'm eating something fancier than what it is, if that makes sense.


I can't imagine why they didn't chow down on the veggies! I know my daughters would eat anything with such great presentation. Flower peppers AND purple cauliflower? Yes, please!


I'm so impressed that you mailed a cake adn that it arrived in one piece, and that "loaf" cake is awesome!


April--I thought they were great too! Ate two myself. Oh well. Such is life!

Brilynn--Thanks so much! It was fu-- Okay, I won't say fun because I went through hell to make it but I enjoyed looking at it once it was done! :-)


I too will be stealing your veggie skewer idea... They look gorgeous, they remind me of a flower bouquet I once ordered for a friend that was made out of chocolates and lollies - but your version is a lot healthier!


Tara--Go for it! Just don't forget the bread in the bottom of the container to stabilize the skewers.


The veggies skewers look awesome. Can I steal the idea for one of my parties??! Will take no credit for the idea, will follow all anti-plagarism rules to the T!
You are one talented person!


You're one heck of a talented lady. Hope you and Gene had a good weekend.


utbtkids--Go for it! I promise I must have gotten it from somewhere too or a variation, I've just been making them so long I don't remember. Just do it. No plagiarism suspected. :-)

Cynthia--You are so sweet! Thank you and you too.

Jennifer DiCamillo

I think the utensils were amazingly realistic. The bread cake was very cool. And the little bucket of veggies...

all too pretty to eat!

I had never tried lemon cucumber water either. That was an interesting and refreshing beverage.

Thanks for inviting me.


Jennifer--thanks! I really appreciate that. I was served the cucumber water by a massage therapist one time and that's exactly what I thought. It was so refreshing and summery that I felt like a million bucks. Have been drinking it ever since.

Treehouse Chef

Wow! That is some feast! I can't imagine having such talent. Everything was almost too pretty to eat. My stepdaughter is studying to be a pastry chef. I will make sure she checks this out!


I am in LOVE with your veggie display!!! I'm going to try that this weekend for my Grandmothers 90th Hawaiian themed birthday party... thank you!!


Thank you and go for it! Would love to see pics of your creation. Hit the email button on my blog and I'll blog yours!

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