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June 19, 2007



I am soooo sorry! I know how much work that is and to see it melted before your very eyes... Paid cake or not, things a lot worse would have been running through my head! I am looking forward to seeing the finished cake.


All I can think, looking at the pictures of the "ruined" decorations, is "oh, but they just need more drying time, right? They're not moldy! Can't you save them? They're all so fantastic!" See?? I'm such a pack-rat that I can't even bear to see A TOTAL STRANGER get rid of sculpted icing. (Sorry if that sounds harsh. I'm just trying to make a point. Everything you made amazes me.)


WHEN you get that cookbook deal, please sign me up to be a taster. Please, please, please!

I hope the flowers dry out and are salvagable. They were very pretty.


Oh goodness! I'm so sorry (almost) everything's in a melted state. Hopefully they'll be salvageable. I wouldn't have thought of the humidity either (okay, so I live in the desert, but still...) and now am thankful for that little lesson.

For what it's worth, those utensils are just the cutest! You are going to tell us what you get from Pampered Chef, right? :-)


Oh Glenna, that's heartbreaking! I hope that at least some of it is salvageable.
I see your point about not wanting to do this as a business - alot of the fun these projects creative freedom, and lack of pressure (aside from whatever you put on yourself). I look forward to seeing how this cake turns out!

Albany Jane

You know, I am no where near the super-decorator you are, and I think that even melted, they flowers all look gorgeous.


Those look like too much fun!



Thanks SO much for the fun at the coffee house. Christel and I both had a blast. Next time hopefully Mechelle can join us. Sorry about all your hard work, but i know it will all turn out beautiful as usual. :)


Thank you everyone for being so sympathetic! I'm better now. I got a break this afternoon and got to spend some time with Kristina and her friend Chrystal. They made me laugh so that when I got home I was able to face the kitchen, so to speak. I threw away everything that wouldn't work (almost all of the fondant and flowers. Even though some of the flowers firmed back up, they were stuck to the tagboard formers they were sitting on so I had to throw all of it away.) I rebaked the cakes and remade more of the utensils in gumpaste for the Pampered Chef party. I hate the thought of the wasted time but I'm not so far behind that I'm stressed out. Thanks so much, everyone, for being so sweet about it!

Heather--Yeah! There was major cussing in my head...oh, and my mouth!

Kyleen--You're on the right track. They won't mold. They will stay fine for months as long as the humidity doesn't get to them, but, like I said, they had melted to the tagboard cones I had them on. Oh well. Such is life!

Kate--You're on the list!

Alisha--thanks! And yes, of course I'll be taking pics of new toys!

Gilly--Yes, exactly. Sometimes it's fine to leave something you enjoy as a hobby, I think.

Albany Jane--Thank you! You're very kind. They're in the trashcan now but over the next few weeks I'll be making more just to have on hand for quick decorations for fun.

Jeff--thank you!

Kristina--Thank you! I had a blast too. Man, those 2 hours went by so fast!!!! Chrystel's fantastic, by the way, hope they move back.

Everyone, Kristina is the one who listened and laughed and cussed vicariously with me until I could come home and enter the cake fray again.


Even melty, they all look very good. I look forward to reading and seeing how you made them!

Susan P

Hey your cake decorating blog helped me connect with a patient today. She was telling me about decorating and I was telling her about your blog today. She says she likes working with fondant, but it doesn't taste good. Ok if I give her your marshmallow recipe?


Wowie! Quite a talent!


Thanks, Jenny. That's really sweet. But I threw them away. Sigh.

Susan--That's fantastic! Thanks for telling me that. It made my day. Sure! Hell, it's not even my recipe to start with but it's a whole lot better than store-bought fondant.

Egg (great name!)--Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment. Especially on the post where I admitted I screwed up!


Oh that is such a shame. You did such an amazing job with all of them. Its hard to feel this way when you are in the moment of a disaster, but these moments are good, because they give you such experience and knowledge for future projects and to help others.


Oh that is such a shame. You did such an amazing job with all of them. Its hard to feel this way when you are in the moment of a disaster, but these moments are good, because they give you such experience and knowledge for future projects and to help others.


Cheryl--Thanks so much! It did eventually work out so THANK GOD! The cake is sitting on my table right now and I like it now even if it did make me crazy making it.

steamy kitchen

I live in Florida and in the humidity I can't work with fondant either!


It sort of comforting to know I'm not alone...

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