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May 28, 2007



I've not posted before but I so identify with you and your niece issue. I have a niece who is my girl also. She has the same problem your niece does only she insists on wearing thong undies and low rider pants. Her major weight area is her bottom, tummy and thighs. Needless to say, it's not an attractive sight. I've tried to talk to her as has her mother (who did not make her change clothes). She's now 20 and in college and God only knows how many people have seen her barely covered backside. Hang in there, maybe some day each of our nieces will realize there is a better look. :-)


Hi Glenna, I enjoyed the videos and I am happy that Jordan and Isaac like their cakes.

I hear yah about the clothing. Like Kay said, maybe one day they will realise that there is a better look.


I love the videos! And the cakes....my birthday is next March...:)

I feel your pain with your niece. Having worked in middle schools for the last decade, I am knee deep in an uphill battle everyday. You're support will go a long way. Of course, as a teen, she doesn't see it as support, but she will appreciate it when she gets older.


Jordan looks so much better in the white tank you made her put on. I really can't understand how her mom let her wear the other tank out in public. I love the pics of Isaac with the cake. I think this is something that he will look back on for a long time and remember how you took the time to do that for him.


Kay--thanks for posting. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there concerned for Jordan. She's a lovely girl. It worries me to see her dressing like that.

Cynthia--Yes, I think this falls under one of those things of picking my battles. I got the other shirt on her so the rest of the pics aren't so obscene but I'm not her mom so it's not my place to really dress her down, so to speak.

Chris--Thanks! Oh I hear you. I have a friend who's a high school English teacher and she has horror stories about some of the clothing choices she sees. We've often discussed whether the parents are encouraging the no clothes dressing or if all of those girls are changing when they get out of the house.

Sher--thanks. I really hope they do. That's my intention anyway.


It is times like this I am reminded how glad I am that I only have boys (who I have to work to keep out of skulls, fire and camo all the time, but not nearly as big an issue as skin!)
Good for you for taking a stance with your niece!
Your cakes looks wonderful and both of them are so luck to have had you done that for them!


Great job on the cakes! As for your adorable niece, I can tell you from personal experience that part of the problem is in the stores. Even though I'm no longer a teen, I still often find myself, because of my curves, stuck between wearing what's in style for my age group, which doesn't really fit and makes me look skanky, or wearing clothes that are cut for my body type but that add ten years. It's not a happy feeling, knowing that you're either going to look like you raided your little sister's closet or your mother's.


That's a great photo, actually. The smirk is classic teenager -- clothing issues or not -- and your poor nephew does look overwhelmed by the awesomeness of his cake.


Kyleen-- I hear you. I have taken the nieces shopping and they get real bent out of shape with me because I won't buy half of what they want because their friends wear that crap and it is about all you find as far as super cute trendy things. But still.

Kate--Good point about the sneer.


Jenny--Thanks! And I envy you those boys right now. LOL! I'd love to have to worry about skulls. But hey, I'm sure you'll catch up with us at some point during the teenaged years. :-)


The kiddos have a great auntie, on many levels! ;-) Good job looking out for their best interests -- whether that's a fantastic birthday cake or modest dress. She may not understand it now, I sure didn't back then, but hopefully will grow to appreciate it on a future day!

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