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May 26, 2007



Fabulous post! I loved seeigng all the steps. And your crumb coating is wonderful. I never get mine that smooth. I guess that's why you're a pro! I'm glad you had all of this to do while you knee hurts. It lets you focus on something other than the pain. OK--I'm sure looking forward to seeing the finished cakes.


Thanks, Sher! Wait until the post tomorrow. I just finished both cakes and I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I think Jordan and Isaac will dig them.

Hey, yeah, not to whine but I'm going to--now my knee still hurts but my hands are swollen and hurt worse! That's why I don't do cakes professionally anymore!


I feel like I should switch hands with you....you have such wonderful talent!!


Oh I can't wait to see the finished cakes. They look fabulous already!

I had to laugh at Gene's breakfast ... I love those "extra" cake tops.




Absolutely think these are fabulous, the development process is terrific!
You are right there is a place for everything even box cakes!
So looking forward to the end vision here.
Be kind to the knee.


Kristina--You're so sweet. Thank you!

Alisha--Ahhh..you are apparently familiar with the "cake tops" breakfast or snack. :-)

1/2 cups--thank you so much. This has been really fun.


Holy shite. I'm extremely impressed. The truck is very impressive.

Oh, and THANK YOU for FINALLY explaining to me why every single one of my multiple layer cakes has turned out lopsided. My mom's an incredible baker, but cakes aren't her thing -- so I was on my own trying to figure the details out when I started baking. If I weren't going out of town this week, I would be baking a layer cake just for practice.


Kt--Thanks for your reaction! That was great. Hey, so glad I could help. When you get back in town be sure and bake just for fun.

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