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May 27, 2007



Great work Glenna!

Happy Birthday Jordan!
Happy Birthday Isaac!


Wow, very impressive. The cakes are just amazing. The kids are going to be so excited.


Amazing, Glenna - I especially love Jordan's, it's sooo classy. They're lucky to have someone who'll shower them with such love ... for that's what these are, now, labors of love.


They both turned out awesome! I bet they'll both love what you've come up with -- and that's what it is -- your love for them showing through.

You're right on target about people and cakes and what they're willing to pay ... the one cake I made for a wedding I charged just my material fees (which was about $75) and got the hardest time for it. I swore I would only bake for my love of baking and my family from then on.


They look so beautiful! I knew they would be fabulous, but they really blew me away with admiration. And by the way, your hands were swollen--but your nails looked great! :):)


The cakes are too beautiful to eat. Lucky kids!


Thanks for sharing the whole process with us!! They are so great! I love the dramatic black/white design and the truck is just plain cool ;-) I'm sure the kids loved them and know that their aunt loves them.

I had a few 'helpers' at my elbows while making the elephant cake today so I didn't use the knife in hot water to make it smooth like your beautiful white frosting . . . and the 4 yr old doesn't care, she's just thrilled that she has a PINK elephant! :-D I'll have to try it next time I decorate a cake.

Thanks again for sharing your methods!


Wow! Those look amazing! I wasn't going to hold my breath on the truck cake, but you managed to make it look awesome... ;) Nice job!


Hi Glenna! Wow - what stunning cakes - amazing work! Thank you for the informative post, and I'm sorry to hear about the swollen hands!


Hi - the black and white theme is very "in" at the moment in the UK. The cake looks amazing, far too classy to eat! I am envious of your cake skills. The car - I am going to borrow your idea and make this for my grandson in a few months time.


Cynthia--Thanks! They had a lot of fun last night. I was so glad.

Kalyn--Thank you! They were funny. They were almost shocked at first and then they got into it.

Alanna--Thank you so much. I sure do love them. I hope they remember last night as a great time.

Sher--Thanks! You're so funny. Now if I can hold on to them for a while without breaking them, that would be nice. :-)

Ulrike--Thanks! But eat them we did and it was fun! :-)

Fruittart--can't wait to see the elephant cake. I know about those helpers. They can sometimes help and they can sometimes help you get tense.

Rachel--You DOUBTED me? Kidding, I was a little nervous myself.

Gilly--thanks so much--glad you enjoyed it!

Margaret--Thank you! Borrow away. I have a feeling I'll be doing it again too. Isaac's uncle (my brother) is a diesel mechanic. He wasn't able to be there last night but I have a feeling when he sees the pics...I'll be doing it again.


Hats off to you, Glenna! What a tremendous amount of work and styling. That car is adorable, and the b/w is all about drama. You must have a lot of patience, although I know an appreciative audience is great motivation.


Those are SO amazing. I'm sure they were well loved by their intended celebrants. Your family must feel so lucky when they get cakes like this!


Susan--thank you so much! You're right. The kids liking them made it all worth it.

Kt--Thank you! You know, funny you should say that. We grew up with a cake decorating mom so it's pretty much taken for granted by my siblings (that's okay). But the kids' reactions were awesome.


Amazing work Glenna...just amazing. If respiratory therapy ever turns bad, you've got a backup plan!


I found your blog through a friend's (Polly Poppins) and I just had to comment. Those cakes are unbelievable. You are such an amazing artist!


OMG, these are gorgeous. I especially like the black and white flowers. May I ask why your hands react that way? Are you perhaps allergic to some of the ingredients?


Kate--Thanks! Yeah, except that respiratory was my backup plan to cakes. Haha.

Bookgirl--Thanks so much. REally appreciate it!

EG--Thank you. Very appreciative of your comments. Ummm...not allergy. More of a carpal tunnel, maybe arthritis, kind of thing.

Patricia Scarpin

Your cakes are really beautiful. You're so talented!
A year and a half ago I started making cakes (and some sweets, chocolates and candy, too) and felt like making them for a living, leaving my boring to death job as a secretary. But I faced the same problems - people would behave like I was asking for their kidneys in return of the cake. I gave up after 6 months.

I'm sorry to see that problem with your hands. I hope you're feeling better already.


Those are awesome cakes! I don't know how anyone actually makes money doing baking, I've had a few people pay be for goodies but I think I end up making pennies and I just do it because I like to.


Woman, you are fantastic! Wonderful cakes. Love shines through.


Patricia--Than you so much. Yes, you get it. It's a great hobby but hard to pull down a living!

Brilynn--Thank you very much! And yes, that's it. It's just a horrible catch 22. You have to be famous to be able to charge good prices but you have find a way to get famous! It's easy to say be the best but there are a lot of very talented bakers out there who can't make a living at it.

Tanna--Thanks so much! You're right. I dig those kids so much. They were worth every moment!

Deborah Dowd

What gorgeous cakes! I am not showing these to my kids or they will be expecting a lot more from me than I can deliver! Happy Birthday to Jordan and Isaac!


Deborah--thank you! That's a really sweet compliment!



"I do a little cake decorating"? Thats toooo modest! Those cakes are aewsome. Last year I baked a lady bug cake for toddler and most of the guests thought that it was a baby! You have to give me tips. I am itching to work with fondant.



Thanks! I'll be working with more specifically in August. I'm not that proficient at it so it's fun to play.


Really cool cakes!!!
I just started making cakes using fondant a couple months ago and simply love it!
Take a peek in my blog to see the one I made last weekend!
By the way, nice to meet you!! I got here through sweetnicks blog!


Ana--thanks for the ocmpliment. Glad that you're having fun decorating too! I'll check out your blog.

Heathers birthday cakes

Wonderful walk through, thanks for the photographs. I like your modesty! these cakes are no small feat, so congratulations and keep it up. You might want to post your cake at cake-photos.com if you want get some publicity.


Thanks Heather! I appreciate your kind words. I really loved making those two cakes for the kids.

Vermont Wedding

I kinda smiled at the last photo when you like showing your clean fingers. :-) That should fingers be like when preparing that delicious thingy. ;-)

gemma watson

wow! your cakes are beautiful! well done :) could I be cheeky and ask how you lay the sponge out under the icing to get the truck shape. thank you x


Thank you,Gemma. Sure, the preceding days show all the step by steps up to the finished cakes. And this post in particular shows how I cut the shape of the truck: http://afridgefulloffood.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/05/day_1_the_cake__1.html

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