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April 29, 2007



Oh wow! Once again the guest hosts are putting me to shame. I am taking a day off work tomorrow, so for once I can stay upa nd read them all tonight. Thanks for hosting!


Thanks for letting me do it, Kalyn. It was my pleasure. And hey, have some fun on your day off tomorrow too! Go up to Sundance, have lunch, and see if you can spot Robert Redford... :-)


Hey, Glenna -
This was really well done. I dig the red arrows and the nicely thoughtful blurbs you added to everyone's entry. Thanks for all the hard work!


Thank you for this great roundup!


Thanks for hosting this week. I can really see that I'll have to get more organised and send a photo next time!


Great job, Glenna. I love your red arrows.
It is a fun, but busy job, isn't it? You must have been up most of the night....


Susan--thanks! The arrows were really put in for me to mentally keep them all straight. Hee hee.

Zorra--You're welcome!

Andrea--Either way--loved your post.

Katie--LOL! Well, not all night...:-)Sure couldn't do it every week like Kalyn did and others do!


I love the red arrows too!!! Great job! Thank you!


Excellent round up of a wonderful, amazing event. The arrows are splashy!
Thanks for stoping by my place.


It all looks so good. Soon I will have herbs in my own little garden!


Fabulous! I can't wait to check out all the recipes. And the arrows...very cool! Thanks for getting it all together.


Thanks for this wonderful round up you certainly did a great job!
Now I have to go and read all those wondeful entries. :o)



Tanna--Appreciate it!

Mimi--Oooh, I'm so jealous! I can't seem to get any plants in pots (container garden) this year.

Chris--Thanks and go for it--tons of great posts, for sure.

Astrid--Thank you. Yes, they're ALL wonderful!

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