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March 04, 2007



Looks delicious and fun!


Fabulous post!! I am so impressed that you managed to take pictures as you rolled it! Now that's pretty darn cool. They look fabulous. I hope you take some of them to work and dazzle everyone.

Yes, love Gladiator, have seen it many times--but I watched North By Northwest yesterday--for about the thousanth time. I kid you not. That Cary Grant. Sigh!


Thanks Rachel and Sher! I will take some to work sometime. It will be fun. We have a vocal cross between sushi lovers and sushi avoiders. We'll try to swing some of the avoiders over to the other side!


Looks so delicious and thanks for the step by step pics. :)


It's a bench scraper...that bakery thingy.

Do you toast your nori sheets beforehand? I have read of that step and am not sure if it's a vital need.

I love sushi and have made some nori rolls at home with reasonable success. I truly adore Spring Rolls too, and could eat those with wasabi soy sauce until I am keeling over.


Oh my goodness. I am so impressed and so jealous! Not only did you roll your own sushi, but you made inside-out rolls, too -- AND plated it BEAUTIFULLY, and documented the whole process with one hand . . . all by yourself! Really, I'm very impressed and very jealous. Just beautiful, Glenna.


Helene--thanks! It was really fun to get the pics and see them now to remember all the steps.

Kate--bench scraper-thanks! I didn't have to toast my nori. The package said it was pre-toasted and when I made them, they tasted just like what I get at the restaurants so I don't think re-roasting them was necessary. Thanks! I love spring rolls too.

Kyleen--thank you so much! The inside out rolls were just barely a little trickier, honest. And they were both fun. I think by the time you make a dozen you'd feel completely comfortable with them. I can't wait to have friends over and do more.

Auntie Miranda

You made me proud! Did I hear the word "PARTY"??????? We could have a roll-your-own - only make it sushi this time. Just kidding folks. I'm the only person I know that's never even been OFFERED the other stuff.


Auntie Miranda--Party, yes! Sometime soon when I have a couple of days off in a row... you and James are in charge of bringing the saki! :-)


woww..you made all that by yourself !! Such dedication *kudos* beautiful sushis and platings, by the way :) Any sake afterwards ? *grins*


Thank you so much for the compliments! It was so much fun to do.


Wow! I have all the stuff to make sushi but didn't seem to get the hang of it. I'll try it again.


Hey there! I found you via blogher and links from...jeez, I think Karyn?

Anyway, attempting California Rolls for the first time Friday and have been looking for some photos of the process- Thanks so much. This was perfect!


Great to see sushi de-mystified! I learned to make it from my Korean friend. It's called kim-bob in Korea. Instead of the rice vinegar, I mix in a splash of sesame oil and a dash of sesame seeds to the rice. For protein, I roll in one or some of the following: ham strips, mock crab, and/or hard boiled egg. For veggies, I roll in cucumber and pickled burdock roots that I buy at my local Asian food market. I use both the yellow and the brown roots. They come pre-sliced in long strips especially for rolling into kim-bob/sushi. I also have tried several brands of seaweed. Definitely get the kind that is toasted as opposed to the raw. Plus, check out different brands because they differ in saltiness and grease content. The learning curve for rolling sushi is not steep and definitely worth the climb.

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