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March 06, 2007



That looks so refreshing! It will be hot here pretty soon, and that looks like a great way to beat the heat!


Glenna, this reminds me of a recipe I saw several years ago in... Bon Appetit? maybe? for a drink like this, but with vodka added. I never did make it, but I still think it would have been perfect with those Texas summers...


I've had the cucumber water before at a cooking class and even I, who don't like lemons in my water, liked it. SO refreshing!


Sher--I agree. I'm going to try to keep some in the fridge, especially as the days get warmer. It's much more refreshing than something with sugar.

Girlie--Oh yes. Vodka makes everything better!

Claire--so glad! I would never have thought of cucumbers either until I had it following a massage one time. So much more refreshing and, of course, it gave that perfect "spa" feeling.

almost vegetarian

That does look refreshing. I don't know about the cucumber (it just seems wrong, somehow), but I had the same reaction to the yoghurt in lassi and, as we speak, I have a pitcher of lassi in the fridge. So I'll close my eyes and dive right in, especially as it is getting warmer and I'll soon need a way to get cooler. Cheers!


Love it, Glenna! I havd tried stuff like this — citrus fruits, herbs, etc. — it all makes the water taste better.


Almost veg--that was my reaction the first time I drank it but it's really good. I promise!

Mimi--yes! And all without sugar. We've all, okay a lot of us, grew up in the soda and koolaid days. This tastes adult and healthy to me.


Ahh, finally a solution for August when you end up with cucumbers coming out your ears and then people give you more because they have the same problem.

Sounds weird, but actually good!


Absolutely, a great solution. I swear, I thought it was weird at first too but it's very refreshing and the ice in the pitcher keeps the cukes so crunchy and yummy.


Glenna --

I've been thinking about trying this for two years (yes, I know), and when a friend gave me half her CSA share this week, I remembered the recipe! Her share included baby cukes and mint, so I took a tall mint sprig, muddled the leaves a tad, sliced in half a cuke and put them into a jar, poured water over it and put it in the fridge at work. So refreshing!


I finally made this today after a ridiculously long time of wanting to. it is like drinking fresh air. i put a tiny spring of mint in the glass, too. not sure if it was an improvement but it is HOT out there. thanks for posting it!

 jay| jasmine greent tea

Hello there, this is a very refreshing drink. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I will definitely make one for myself. I've never had one like this before, with cucumber in it, this got me really interested. Thanks.

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