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March 26, 2007



Definitely fun! You make great looking food and it looks cute in your bento box. My in-laws lived in Japan for about 5 yrs and they gave us bento boxes one year as a gift. Mine had a Peter Rabbit picture on it and I remember thinking the portions looked about child-sized too . . . but they really are just right. You are NOT alone! ;-) Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more pretty lunches.

Kristina Green

Ya know...i'm not a morning person and since at Anpac my days start off early i am always running around late and don't have time to pack my lunch. So when I open the anpac fridge and see everyone's lunchboxes...i get this overwhelming desire to peek in to see what everyone brought. Of course I use my good judgement to shut the fridge and go back to my cube....but now you have given me the opportunity to peak into yours. YES...keep on showing me what's in your lunchbox! I want to know!


Wow, that is adorable and functional! Do you mind sharing that link? Oh, and I think the idea of a pack lunch post theme is SO fun.

Lisa the Waitress

Yay! Looks great - I also think you should keep sharing. It looks like you are off to a great start with your lunches!

Here's to happy lunches!


It's wonderful!! And look at all that food! Like you said, it looks small when it's empty--but that a large amount of food. I think you should post every week because I want to see what you had, and you know how impatient I am! Great lunch box. I love the different foods you chose.


I like the idea of looking at your lunches! And that's a really cute lunchbox. I'm thinking of purchasing one after reading this post- portion size is something I have failed to learn.

Fruittart- we had a Korean foreign exchange student, and many of the gifts she brought along with her had Peter Rabbit on them. Since I am a rabbit woman, I would LOVE a Peter bento box- I'll have to go see what I can find.


Great concept and fabulous looking lunches! Those photos are making me hungry....keep up the good eating, Glenna!


Those lunches look amazing not to mention healthy.
What a beautiful way to bring food to work.

Deborah Dowd

What a great idea, and a way to make lunch at work a little festive. I would be interested in the link too, I'd love to get one for my daughter who is in nurse anesthesia school!


Melody--thanks for the encouragement! So glad to know I'm not alone in the crazy chick food thing or in my reaction to the bento. That really says something about our food culture.

Kristina--I love the thought of you going through people's lunches. I think you would be adorable even if you got caught "I, uhh, was just, uhhh, admiring your lunch?"

Rachel and Deborah--Thanks for your enthusiasm. The link is wwww.stores.ebay.com/tokyo_gift and then see the index on the left side for the bento lunchboxes. For the Rachel Ray/Vegan Lunchbox one, go to http://www.laptoplunches.com/products.html. Sorry the links don't hyperlink. If you click on any of the links in the text of the post: lunchboxes.com/Vegan Lunchbox's Little Shmoo/Tokyo Gift, they should work as hyperlinks.

Lisa--I owe it all to you! You made yours look so attractive, I couldn't resist!

Sher--Thanks! Okay, I think you guys have got me hooked on posting. It will motivate me too! :-)

Willa--good luck finding the rabbit one. I have seen lots of Japanese stuff with rabbits on them. We'll have to watch for YOUR lunchbox posts!

Kate--thank you! The bento has really made eating "right" very fun.

Julie--thank you so much!

Deborah--Boy, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you daughter. I just got out of respiratory school a year ago and I'm still slightly overwhelmed with all how much new information there is to learn every day!


Glenna, this is just awesome! What perfect lunches. Each one is prepared so meticulously. In Germany there is a saying, when translated it goes: One eats with the eyes. Which pretty much refers to the fact that one sees the food in fornt of them before the brain starts to register "Boy that looks good!" Here I think my brain would be drooling!

Cate O'Malley

I am SO tempted to buy a Bento box, even though I work from home ... they're almost too adorable to pass up!


Meeta--Thanks so much! And yes, I think you're right. We do eat first with our eyes and our noses before we ever lift the fork or chopstick.

Cate--LOL! They're very cool...not that I'm trying to be a bad influence...(grin).

Rachel M

Your lunch looks great! If I was a little closer I'd pay ya to pack mine.


Rachel--You're so cute!

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