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February 08, 2007


Chris Davies

They don't look like morning people.

Kristina Green

Did your table get smaller since the last time i was there or is there just more food on it?


Chris--Jordan will love that you said that. Seriously. She's a night owl and proud of it. Has been her whole life, even when she was a baby. Sydney, on the other hand, is basically me: insomniac, gets up with the birds, can't stand anything to be unorganized, and can't hear for crap.

Kristina--No. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Kidding! Yes, we took the leaf out of it so it's now round instead of oval. Kind of cute, huh?


Well, hey.

I haven't seen my niece in over a year. You've inspired meto change that.


Admit it! You have plans to turn them into your Kathy Griffin type personal assistants! Soon they will be doing all your errands and cooking your meals. I'm on to you.


I have a nearby niece and we've yet to cook together. I guess it's time we did.


Mimi and Lin--You guys are making me want to start a weekend niece blogging event! Call them. Today.

Sher--Darn! You're so on to me! I already have them as my personal fan club, I should be able to get some work out of them too, shouldn't I? :-)


I wondered if she was having any fun! But then again, I have an-almost-teenager and whenever I want to take his picture he pulls that "I am so bored" look with me too.

Looks like a lot of fun. I have 8 nieces, we don't cook together but they love my food!


Kate--Yep, you know that look too! Jordan had been almost giggling right before I whipped out the camera in every one of those pics.

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