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January 25, 2007



WOW!! I mean, seriously--WOW! I loved looking at how you did that. It almost seems like it would be possible for me to do the heart and key. And the cupcake looks wonderful--pear and walnut is wonderfulall alone. But, you know how I loves me some buttercream. :) Great job! Gene's a lucky guy!


So incredible! I'd love to have Steph sit with you for a couple days learning cake decorating :)


Wow - That is totally hot...I would buy that in a heartbeat and I know it tastes as good as it looks...yummmmmmm


That is so cute! No wonder he is so psyched.


With Valenintes comming up that seems like a wonderful idea .Its a must try out recipe n method.


Sher--absolutely anyone can do it. It's just a matter of going step by step and being very patient with it. Okay, some cake decorating knowledge helps but it's not a requirement.

Jeff--and I'd love to have her!

Rosie--Thanks! I was thinking the other day about what I would sell them for if I still had my cake decorating business...they'd be expensive but they are very impressive in real life. The frosting is kick ass, pardon my French, wish I'd created that recipe when I had the business.

s'kat--Thanks! The cupcakes have now officially "bitten" the dust, although the chocolate's still on the counter...I know. One more evidence that we're just not huge chocolate eaters. Not that we hate it and never eat it.

Kate--Thanks so much!


Hello! I absolutely ADORE this design. I was wondering if you would mind me trying to replicate it both graphically and sculpturally (I make tiny polymer clay cupcakes: http://tinycravings.com) Thanks!


seems delicious like my cupcakes

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