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January 08, 2007



Health care workers are just about as unhealthy as you can get ;)


It takes some effort and planning but taking a good lunch to work is ALWAYS beneficial. When I worked full time and would spend a lot of time putting together a good lunch and some good snacks each day. It was fun and my co-workers would crowd around my desk to see what came out of my lunch bag. Wraps are terrific, I loved pita sandwiches, cut up veggie packets, dried fruit and nut mixes, lo-fat breakfast bars (have you tried and of the Kashi bars? they are really good) and of course, soups. Those are some great choices you made, Glenna. Keep it up!


Yes, that is a great idea. I think if you have good food at your fingertips, you will eat that instead falling prey to the lure of stuff like Taco Bell. The soup looks wonderful. Way to go--you got kale into Gene!


Jeff--I know. It's about perception. We KNOW better so it looks like we're worse. For example, nothing like an RT who smokes. Of all people on the planet who should know better than to smoke it should be a respiratory therapist, but it happens. People are people are people.

Kate--It does take extra effort but I agree I'm happier with the choices. I know it's a cliche to complain about the cafeteria but my soup was far supeior, and easier to get to, than to trudging down to the cafeteria for a warmed up burger and nasty fries from under the lights. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sher-- Thanks, yeah, I agree. Eating something good for me right before I left work really helped beat the Taco Bell urge. I don't know what it is but you're just hungry when you leave work. It doesn't matter what time it is.


You, my dear, are the prime candidate for packing a bento lunch or dinner. I belong to a group of bento-enthusiasts and we post pics of our lunches and dinners, on flickr, to get ideas and motivate one another to keep going with this healthy packed lunch habit. Don't think of bento as a Japanese lunch in a box. It's a healthy lifestyle that can be fun, pretty, whimsical, occasionally fattening, but always better than a cafeteria lunch.

I've put a few links here, for you, to browse our pretty meals:

Mr. Bento Porn

Diet Bento

Laptop Lunch Group

Bento Box Lunches

I hope you'll join us, even to lurk for great lunch ideas.


Do'h! Now that I've toured your blog, I see that you are already enjoying the bento / tiffin hobby! Fantastic. :)

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