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January 22, 2007



Glenna--that looks and sounds delicious! As I recall, Alicia Silverstone started having a weight problem years ago and when she decided to go vegan, she was able to take the weight off and stabilize it. I love stuffing and a cottage cheesy taste--so this would taste great to me. Thanks.


mmmm...Alicia Silverstone! The recipe sounds good too ;)


That really does sound good. Your Aunt Miranda story reminds me of the first time I tasted tofu. I was just out of college, working as a marketing assistant for a software company, and a magazine rep who was in town took me out for lunch at a nearby Chines place. He kept tellling me the tofu in the dish were having was calf's brains. I don't recall if that was supposed to be a joke or if he really thought that.


I'm going to have to try this because, like you, have tried many different ways to cook tofu and still have not found a single one I like. I take about three bites and then head to McDonald's. Thanks for the tip!


Sher--Yeah, I've read that too and I really admire her for it. I'd love to have the guts to go vegan but I don't think I can live without dairy and eggs. I have a friend, though, who goes pescaterian to diet (she still eats dairy, eggs, and fish) and she does really well too.

Jeff--LOL! You're such a man! :-)

Mimi--I love it! So will Aunt Miranda. She reads this blog. That's really funny. I wonder if he was serious?

Rachel--a woman after my own heart! yep, that was always me. I'd make a dish with the best of intentions and end up scrapping it to order pizza.


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