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October 10, 2006



Thank you!!!! That looks wonderful! And a touch of bacon makes everything better. That's something I would love to eat. Lima beans are one of my big favorites.

You know, that texture thing isn't weird. I've heard other people talk about it. For me, it's the fact that beef and chicken get between my teeth and that takes a lot of enjoyment out of eating it. I have to take dental floss with me if I know I'm going to eat it. Seafood doesn't do that at all to me.


Sher--Oh gawd, we're officially old. I have one spot in my teeth meat does that to too! Good to know I'm not a total freak about the texture. The only other person I'd ever heard say that was a young girl I met once who'd been raised vegan so one day as a teen in a fit of rebellion :-) she tasted a friend's cheeseburger and hated it because of the texture.

Sean Carter

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