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October 09, 2006



Just tell him that mushrooms are a fungus. That should make it easier for him--right? The dish looks fabulous. Hard to believe it's not loaded with fat!


Sounds good to me.


yummmmmmmmmmm pork chops...


Thanks y'all! Fungus--I like that. I think he'd buy it. Great idea.


I guess apple sauce is out with these, eh?


WOW those chops look incredibly tasty. FYI, "My So-Called Life" was a sitcom of the nineties.


Jeff--But of course, Christopher Brady! (Are you even old enough to remember that famous episode?)
Actually...hehehe...I did try apples, well try to revamp baked apple recipe to go with these using protein powder instead of flour...yeah, that didn't go over so well. Back to the drawing board.

Kyleen--thank you!


Hi there,
Just letting you know that I'm featuring this as one of my South Beach Recipes of the Week where I spotlight low-glycemic recipes I find on other food blog. I'm including your photo, a photo credit for you and a link to the recipe. Hope lots of people will come here and see it!


We haven't had pork chops in awhile so when I picked up a package the other day, I really wasn't sure how I wanted to prepare them. I came across your recipe for Pork chops w/ mushroom sauce, and had everything here to make it. I didn't follow the recipe exactly but it still came out really good. It was very easy to make and the flavor was wonderful! Thanks so much!!


Nau-Dee--Thanks so much for letting me know. That's the nicest compliment that you could have given me. Glad you enjoyed your pork chops. And hey, I understand about changing a recipe. I never can cook anything the same way twice!

I luv pork

Great recipe - so simple but the flavor is anything but.
I used combo of shallots and vidalia, 1/2 chicken stock and 1/2 chardonay, and had boneless chops 1 1/12 in think but otherwise followed your recipe. Thanks for the inspiration!


I luv pork

Not sure why my post identifies me as Glenna? Not trying to steal anyone's ID, promise :-)


heart Pork--Thanks! Great changes. Thanks for letting me know the variation. Love the vidalias!


I needed a recipe that used up chicken stock, mushrooms, and pork chops and found this. Thanks Google and thanks to you for posting it. It looks fabulous.


I was also looking for something to cook using pork chops, mushrooms and chicken stock & found this!!! Lets just say that dinner tonight was a complete success! This was not only easy to make, it was soooooo yummy! My 3 year old even loved it! Thanks for a great recipe!!! This will be a family favorite for us!! :)

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I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great. Thanks again!

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