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September 01, 2006




Oh, wow...this sounds really good! It's been cool here in Iowa, too, and my thoughts have been turning to soups, too. This has to go on my must-try list. I've never made fresh noodles, so that would be particularly fun!



When I was a kid my mom made homemade chicken and noodles all the time. We called them "fat noodles" to distinguish between the skinny noodles you could buy in the store! Mom's fat noodles are one of the recipes that everyone in our family still makes to this day. You just gave me the idea that I could try making them SB Diet friendly with 100% whole wheat pastry flour which I've been experimenting with.

BTW, we had a lot of picky eaters in my family so mom's version only included chicken, broth and noodles. Your version actually looks better to me now than my moms! And I agree, I LOVE thyme. It's highly underrated in my opinion.

Great photo too! Ok, now I'm off to save this to del.icio.us.


Thyme is one of my favorite herbs...goes so well with so many things :)


Oh yum!!!!!! That looks so good. I'm going to be glad when it finally cools off enough so that I can make more soups and stews.


Genie--Go for it! They're so easy. Once you do it once, you'll never buy them again. And half the time I don't even drag out the food processor.

Kalyn--I know. When I was a kid my mom didn't put the veggies in either because we complained but now I look at them as an opportunity to get a serving. I think it's called "getting old". :-)

Jeff--Yep, mine too! Thyme and rosemary. I need to grow them both. I used to before I start respiratory school and then I killed them both when I didn't have time to take care of them, you know?

Sher--Can't wait until you start making soup again. You're the best soup maker I know!


Any kind of soup is my favorite kind of food, and this looks fantastic, especially with the homemade noodles. Definitely will be on my to-make list.


That looks delicious. I really wanted chicken soup yesterday; wish I could've had some of yours! I love the fresh thyme in it . . .


Lisa--Thyme is my favorite too. Yummy and homey.


Glenna, Hubby and I are going to try and get back on our diet also.

This looks good and our weather has been a bit on the cool side also.

I will be trying it soon.


Coffeepot--And this is the hardest time of the year since our bodies want to store fat for the winter but I have to keep plugging away at the diet and at the gym and try to overcome the natural tendencies. Argh!



Very good site! I like it! Thanks!





You have a very nice site and good guestbook, thank you.




great job!!!


Phyllis Templeton

Where can I get the L.B.Jamison's chicken soup base?

Atopijski Dermatitis

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great.
Thanks again!

Faith Brockoff

I love soups and this one looks so yummy! My mom always made homemade noodles too, but she had a drop version she used in chicken soup. Same ingredients, just more eggy and thin.


I've done the drop dumplings kind too. Also yummy!

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