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August 21, 2006



What no mineral springs for ya?


What no mineral springs for ya?


We've been to E.S. twice and intend on returning in the future. It's a cool little town, very diverse and liberal, surrounded by awesome hills and "mountains." Lots of good restaurants and shops. In fact, I think we had lunch sitting in the exact same spot on the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel. I'll tune in later for your post-vacation report. Just remembered: there's good free music at a lot of bars, and we had a good time at the Pied Piper on Main Street.


Sorry, just remembered another place you might try: for a perfectly brewed pot of tea, made the proper way, there's the New Dehli, also on Main Street.


Glenna, have a great time! Seem this town have many beautiful buildings!

Nancy Smith

I am from central Missouri and am well acquainted with your beautiful town of Springfield as well as the quaint little town of Eureka Springs......Had a lovely fall vacation there a few years ago.....Some one said it reminded them of Switzerland because of the terrain and the buildings........very nice place to go....lots of very good art stores.......


Yes, those pictures are beuatiful!! They do remind me of another country, like Switzerland. You talked so much about Eureka and now I can see how lovely it really is.


Had a really good time. Nothing overly exciting but it was nice to see how the town has changed, see old friends, and RELAX for a couple of days. Will update tonight after work.

Jeff--I thought about doing the big mineral bath thing, naked in the springs in the middle of town, it would be so Eurekan but I settled for a facial and massage instead.

Harry--thanks for the ideas. We did see New Dehli but didn't get there and ended up eating dinner at a place called Cafe Soleil that our birthday girl friend picked. It's new since the last time we'd been there.

Gattina--thanks! The buildings are very old and very beautiful--I took some pics of of very few of them I like but I ran out of battery power.

Nancy--Cool that you, too, know about ES. Yes, I've heard that before too. They also call it "where the misfits fit" because it's such an open-hearted welcoming community. We loved living there because the people were so unique and offbeat, and I mean that as a compliment. Eureka is a place where you can be yourself.

Sher--Glad you like it. It's one of my favorite places ever. I find it charming and infinitely interesting, both the town and the people.

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