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August 10, 2006



I don't understand how you can do it with the humidity. The few times I went to that area in the summer I was overwhelmed with it. This was mostly in Kansas City, where I went twice for meetings. This looks like a delicious way to cool down. I grew lemon verbena for the first time this year. Love the smell of it.


I'm a carbination type of guy :)


I lived in the Midwest and South for years--so I know about humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife. That looks very refreshing.


Kalyn--I hear you. I lived in Utah for a couple of years and the lack of humidity was very noticeable to me. I liked it in ways but my hair and skin missed it in others. I think I bought conditioner and moisturizer by the gallon then.

Jeff--You WOULD be! :-)

Sher--Yes! You used to live very close to where I do.


That looks very cool. I have never used Lavender.


Coffeepot--I hadn't either before I made the scones and limeade but I will now. It also inspires me to grow and use more florals. It was so easy and tasty.


I have the finishing touch for your beautiful beverage! For many years, I've frozen lavender flowers into ice cubes to use in lemonade. They look wonderful, and the lavender scent is amazing. I think they would be a lovely addition...


Yes! That's a fabulous idea. I'll have to do that next time. Thanks!

helene marquez

so how do you order lavender in bulk for tea, and the lemon verbena. want to order both, how, where how much????


so how do I order lavender in bulk and lemon verbena, where, how much, from whom. need same immediately.

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julia C. batista

I love you lemon verbena recipe.I did it last summer and it was delicious;but I had to subtitud the lemon verbena with lenon oil.Where can I get the lemon verbena.

Glenna Muse


I got the lemon verbena from a local health food store that has lots of dried local herbs and

Good luck!


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