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August 12, 2006



A few years ago I had my niece visiting and she request that I cook something very similar to this, and it was indeed very tasty. (Of course this was before South Beach took over my life!!)


mmm...that looks so good...yummy, tasty dinner...that wouldn't last too long here :)


Yes, that looks downright delicious--and elegant. This is also Peggy Hill's signature dish on King Of The Hill--along with Brown Betty. I would eat the entire pan of that Frito Pie that you made. It would be best not to leave it around me.


Kalyn--Yeah, it is tasty, but you'd have to leave out all the "good stuff" to make it SB friendly. Sigh. The sacrifices we make...

Jeff--Thanks! It didn't last long around here either. I said something about having leftovers a couple of nights later since I had to work and Gene looked sheepish and said "It's gone...but it was so good."

Sher--YES! I love Peggy Hill. Now all I have to do is master the Apple Brown Betty...that I have absolutely no idea what that is, and I'll be the Peggy Hill of Springfield.

eric rochow

this reminds me of college in southern illinois, its one of those ultimate comfort foods of the midwest, now i want to go buy a bag of fritos. thanks for posting the recipe Glenna.

eric http://gardenfork.tv


Eric--Sorry to be a bad influence in the Frito buying thing! Thanks for leaving your site addy. I'll check it out.


I fear this will result in craving for fritos at 3am. Oh, dear Oh, dear.
That looks really good.
Nice blog!


Tanna-- Thanks so much!

And I hear you. I just got up at 4am and from answering comments I keep looking longingly at the Frito bag on the counter when I go into the kitchen. Eggs, eggs are what we're supposed to eat early in the morning. Help me remember that!

Chocolate Lover

That does look so delicious. I cannot wait to try it out. I am sure my whole family will love it. Thanks.


Choc lover--go for it! It really was good. Making it homemade is a lot like eating a taco salad. Sort of. Let me know if they like it.


I hope you see this, since I'm commenting on an old post . . . just FYI, Apple Brown Betty is like a cross between bread pudding and apple cobbler.

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