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August 11, 2006



My wife is taking a cake decorating class...this may be dangerous to my waistline ;)


Beautiful cake. Well, Carl knows how to get what he wants! :)


Jeff--You have NO idea! When I had the business, Gene's favorite brunch was any domed tops I had to cut off (the most moist part of the cake) layered with thin swipes of buttercream. He said it was better than any donut. And then, of course, you, family, and all the neighbors will get any mistakes...BUT after a while I promise it does get old. Go back and read my very first post on this blog to find how brutal the kids of cake decorators can be after a while. Hee hee.

Sher--I know! But I'm so naive that I keep telling myself that people would never do that on purpose. And I believe he doesn't, BUT I do think people, even family, can be so focussed in on their (our-we all do it to a certain degree) desires and needs that they don't listen to what's being told to them because they don't want to hear. They want what they want.

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