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August 17, 2006



Wow...much anger in this cake decorator!! lol


Jeff--What? Little ole sweet me? You BET! I really have a low threshold for people who treat others in a manner that they would never allow anyone else to treat them. I have not a clue what she does for a living but I'd be willing to bet she'd never do whatever it is for free just because someone didn't want to pay for her services.


I loved reading about this whole debacle!! Didn't she try to get you to make her another cake years later? Did you have a ritual ceremony burning of the little bridges? How dare you charge extra for out of town delivery!!!!!


oh my god. BRIDEZILLA!!! what a nightmare. Naked Bridges.

That was a great post!!!

oh and you have to enter one of your cakes - http://www.flickr.com/groups/slashfoodbirthdayphotos/


Sher--Oh thank God no, but I know who you're thinking of. There's another lady I've told you stories about who always wanted stuff free because our husbands worked together and these two women could be sisters in looks and attitude. I'll post some pics some time from cakes I got rooked into by the other woman who would always order from me but then get very angry because she had to pay for them AT ALL.

People are amazing, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Gabriella--Thanks for the compliments--loved YOUR cake you made for the boys. Glad you posted it. It's sooooo cute! Everybody click on her name and check it out if you haven't already.

Thanks for the contest link--I'll go check it out.


This is very funny post Glenna. And for the record, your cake, underneath all that "stuff", is quite lovely.


Christine--thanks! I thought it was pretty too, BEFORE. :-)

Bonnie Samberg

Could totally relate to this wedding trainwreck story. Just say no to drugs and cheapos from now on. Ah, a lesson learned the hard way, been there.


Bonnie--Yes, LOL!


This is a hee hee larious story, and for sure the ugliest cake I have ever seen - although very well-made and decorated and of perfect proportion under all that cowboy dung. It is so amazing how people can be so self-centered.


Wow... you are really angry. Besides her being stingy (like many people are, especially nowadays) you really shouldn't be complaining. ESPECIALLY if you are in the business and not just hobby of making wedding cakes. People want what they want.

tina brizendine

Do u have any book for cake for wedding ? I like ur western cowboy cake . It so beautiful . We are going get marry this summer . I need to look some cake cowboy .

tina brizendine

Do u have any book for cake for wedding ? I like ur western cowboy cake . It so beautiful . We are going get marry this summer . I need to look some cake cowboy .

Jenn C.

Hahaha! Omg, I just had the "ugliest cake in wedding history" on top of the "biggest nastiest skank bridezilla from HELL" two months ago! The witch literally ended up haggling her way into getting a 2K cake for 750 even (such a waste of good fondant on that hideous "THING") THEN, a "MONTH LATER" after her wedding that she would like to workout a "refund agreement" as she didn't like the way the cake looked "after all!" I had warned her about so SO many ways
and reasons the cake was just not going look "good or right" if she so desperately wanted it "her" way (well, SHE EFFIN GOT IT "HER WAY" and OH MY SOULS... SHE DIDN'T "LIKE IT AFTER ALL," Ooh, big surprise there boss, N-O-T!!!) and nevermind the fact I think I nearly died just from the constant calls, stress, freaking outs and rude scammy presumptuous statements this bridezilla dumped on me (for example she treated me like a scamming criminal because I included taxes in her pricing sheet???!) and felt it was too costly to have to pay 25.00 for delivery?! I blame myself for EVER agreeing to work with her as she was (and IS) clearly a sociopathic scammer. I stood up for myself and called her on her BS. I think she was so shocked (and furious) that I wasn't going to be a "doormat" to her anymore that she doesn't even know what to do. I did take a screenshot of her making defamatory statements on her own public Facebook profile (she is sooo trashy and DUMB, lol) and she calls me "a stupid bit<|? and a "hoe" because I quote "won't give her the money back" for a consumed made to order wedding cake? Even the hotel manager said "everything went just fine and they ate the cake!" Some people are so ghetto there are simply no words capable of describing them!


Yes, LOL! You totally understand! I never had anyone do the eat the whole cake and then want it for free thing but the wife of a good friend (thank God they're divorced now so I don't have to deal with her) used to embarrass us by doing that in restaurants all the time. She'd eat all of whatever and then bitch long and loud that it sucked and then brag that she got it for free. No class!

Everybodyd has they're own taste but I hate it when you try to steer them from your experience, they won't listen, and then complain. Hello? :-)


Omg!!! I live in puerto Rico, i'ts 2:30 am right now and i'm reading this because is soooo damn funny!!!

I love the way you write and how you described every detail of "the nightmare cake" jajajaja!

You should write a book about the cakes you hade made,goods and bads,i'm not kidding...

Excuse my bad english,i live in pr but i'm from Dominican Republic,and my english it's not very good,but i can say this for sure: you're a great artist working (in thath time) whith a classless bride,i wish you could made mi cake if i were a weddings believer...maybe someday...

Muchos saludos de tu fan dominicana #1!

Francheska :)

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