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August 14, 2006



That's me in a nutshell, that quote of Julia's. Since I am recovering from surgery I am not participating in the event, but I love reading the links.

coffeepot's site 'Coffee and Cornbread' led me here, this site is really nice and I am all for linking up with other food sites. Eventually I will be back up to speed with my blog, recipes and such.

Check it out!!


Don't like chocolate that much??? *shakes head* Those brownies look IN-credible :D


I've heard nothing but raves about that recipe, so I'll make it one day. She has one recipe where she uses those brownies to make a mousse filled bombe!!!


I think it was the ice cream and not the brownies that made you sick. Surely the brownies, if anything, are medicinal. Har har! This is great, I'm so glad you joined in. (I love the pretty plate, too.)


hmmmmmmmmmm...brownies... Soon, it will be baking time and this is going on my list...

Nothing like gilding the lily with ice cream, is there, Glenna?


I love brownies and those look great.

Your pictures are very good Glena.


Kate--take care of yourself post-op and thanks for the compliments.

Jeff--I know. Makes me seriously un-American and of questionable estrogen levels. LOL!

Sher--Oh God, that almost makes me sick thinking about it. Those brownies are so good but they are rich beyond almost anything I've eaten. Can't imagine MORE sugar. Well, can. Ate them with ice cream, hehehe.

Lisa--I'm SURE that's it. Wink wink. I have to tell you I froze half of the brownies for Gene to eat later and I've noticed that they're already almost gone. He's been sneaking them at night.

Rosie--Oh yeah. When it comes to ice cream I say gild away!

Coffeepot--Thanks so much!


Love the way hubby digs in! When I want chocolate, brownies are the only thing that hit the spot for me. Yours looks amazing!


Gnightgirl--Thanks! Gene is famous for back in my cake decorating days (and still), taking any "mistake" and eating it with a fork straight from the pan or platter until it's gone or he's done. And that SOB is 6' and weighs 175. Always has been, always will be. I ask you, how fair is that?



Those brownies were absolutely amazing last night, along with everything else there. Next girls night I'm not going to go out to eat before...we were dumb kids for doing that :) Thanks for everything!


Kristina--you're so sweet! I had a great time too. Thanks for coming.

And yeah, even when I try not to, there's always plenty of food! I can't help myself.

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