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June 26, 2006



Hey!!! I come home from vacation and what do I find???? You move fast--but I'm not surprised at that. It's fabulous--can't wait to read more.


Am excited to see what you have to offer. I think I'M the one who married the guy to whom food means EVERYTHING to.

Mary leigh

Ah, I always knew we were sisters in spirt! I, too have come from the same backround thanks to my grandmother and mother. Thay came from a long line of women who knew how to cook, bake and raise their families. Good luck my friend...Mary Leigh


Sher--Well, you know I didn't want you to be bored when you got home! Thanks so much--I'm seriously honored by the compliment. I love your blog!

Colleen--You have to forgive him. He's a refuge from the food & beverage business too. Being obsessed with all things food is like a virus we can never get rid of.

Mary Leigh--I remember what a great cook you were when we'd get together--thanks for the compliment!


this is great. Remember i'm married to a man that will eat anything. He grew up with his mom having breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12pm and supper at 6pm. No cold cereal, no pb&j sandwiches.. Homemade bisquits, rolls or cornbread every night....


Janell--Hey, no pressure there, right? Thanks for joining me! I love having you here.


Thank you for calling it like it is. I have a theory--food represents love.
Anorexics are scared of love, hence they don't eat.
Overeaters have an insatiable need for love, so they try to fill the vacuum with food.
And bulimics crave love, but feel they don't deserve it.

Sounds, however, like you just enjoy food. Good for you--and thanks for admitting it in our squirrely society; I had to get down to 69 pounds before anyone thought that too skinny was too skinny.
Also, thanks for posting your picture. It's refreshing to have people online who are bold enough to put a thumbnail pic without being half naked or shaped like tinkerbell; I had to drop down to an anorexic weight before anyone told me I didn't have to be tiny to be attractive.
Have a great day.


Sue-- Wow. I almost have nothing to say. you said it all and did so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your story with us.


I enjoyed reading your story, I knew we had things in common...I live in Springfield!! LOL, I'm a greengrocer's daughter & Baz's family had a butchers shop, so I can identify lots of things here, & it brings back so many memories, thank you for sharing...isn't the www cool!! :0)

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