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Thank you again. Cutest preemie caps ever!


I love, love, love, these. I'm planning on making a few Minni and Mickey's and sending them to a Ronald McDonald house.

bev baggett

Love the pattern and thank you for it. I just have one question. The first row is knit and join and the second is purl, when you get to the 3rd you say repeat 3 more times. Is that repeat to purl or repeat 1 and 2, which would be knit one row and purl one row?? Sorry for asking just trying to get it straight in my head before I start? thanks Bev


Thank you so much Eileen, Bekah, and Bev!
Bev, totally understand. I'll change it to be more clear. I mean for you to repeat the last two rows (knit and purl) 3 more times. Happy Knitting!


Thank you I really love your The pattern I want to make one for my granddaughter but she has three year old. how ma stitches did I need to do thank ,you hope hear from you


Hi, I love this and am excited to try this. How would I change it to fit a 3 month old? also thank you so much for sharing.


Cast on 4 stitches more and knit 1/2-1 inch longer before decreasing for 3-6 months

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